Sunday, 7 July 2013

Break Me Slowly by Joya Ryan

Well this was a short one ... I liked the basics of this story and the possibilities that were within it, but due to the length, I believe it came off unrealistic at parts and too shallow for the amount of issues present.

There were a lot of issues and confrontations that needed to be hashed out and they were never even mentioned. Their is also the issue of almost every minor character gradually fading until it was just the two main MCs, and while I have no problem with that, a little back up is good for depth and without that, there was too much and so much questions.

A whirlwind of scandal and chaos was introduced in the last two chapters, and even though it never directly impact the main MCs, it was just dropped like a bomb and left by the way side. Honestly, I am starting to question the necessity of it at all, if only to make conversation between Meg and Kate. Even though I must say that the situation was unexpected as I had other ideas as to the rift present on Meg's end, so that was a surprise.

I can't seem to get a hold on either Adam or Kate's personality. I get the basics, but I am still confused as to how I feel about them separate, even though I have no problem with them together, as I love them as a couple and how they challenge each other.

There were a few unnecessary scenes, and parts of the story seemed rushed and unfinished, like the base of a really good manuscript, but then there are the whimsical moments and special times that are shared throughout the novel that are intimate, unexpected and memorable.

I believe a lot of depth is missing from this story as it had too much issues to be skimmed the way it was. I wanted to spend more time to get to know all the characters surprisingly, even Emma and Brian, as I felt like there was something with these characters that was neglected or ignored, I don't know which.

Adam likes control and is a very determined man, but that's basically all we know, apart from the fact that he was abused and he loved Kate. As you can see, that poses a problem because I didn't get to connect much with him to find out if he is even worthy of awesome book boyfriend material.

The personality traits of Kate wasn't much better either, as I understood her fears but confused as to why they were not played with a lot more. For a person afraid of human touch, it seems no one even tries in the first place.

Anyways, I loved the foundations in this novel, and only hoped it could have been developed from novella status to a full fledged novel with layers and elements to tie it all together and make it seem more realistic and like a full story where we aren't left confused and full of questions and so much more. Still, I think I might give book 2 a chance, even if it's not about Kate and Adam.

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