Sunday, 28 July 2013

Where I Need to Be By Kimberly Knight

I liked it. It was short, sweet, spicy and the characters got right to the point! It had energy, a nice flow and vibe as well as pace. Surprisingly, this book only span a couple months, but the series of events as well as the banter, wit and all around crazy of the novel had me hooked. I could feel Spencer as a down to earth character who didn't have a flare for the dramatics and kept us interested throughout.

I love that even the female characters had male names. It was confusing at times, but I didn't mind the hint of creativity that it possessed. I also loved the relationship dynamic of Ryan and Spencer. They were quite the duo and had me entertained and loving their open relationship filled with so much fun. mischief and lack of filter! This is how real friends roll!

Spencer was a doll and I loved her character as well as her relationship with Brandon. Their meeting as well as spectacular dance moves was interesting to say the least. As descriptions go with regards to dancing, that was one of the best I have ever read as it refers to getting it on in a club. Had me singing 'Down on me' all day!

There were vices, patterns and an all round comfort with these characters. I felt like I was traversing with them and as location goes, this was well researched, or in her case, well applied, seeing as how she is a San Francisco native.

Brandon was an awesome boyfriend without even trying. I never once doubt their relationship and even with some drama, I still felt comfortable with this book, even though the final confrontation scene could have been better scripted and delivered. Crazy Christy could do better than that! Still, the events leading up were crazy and kept us guessing to the point of believing before we were once again thrown off kilt.

While this was not a heavy erotica novel, I didn't mind the sex scenes between Brandon and and Spencer. They were passionate with the just the right amount of passion and length. I also love that finally there is a responsible couple who is partaking in REALLY safe sex! It is commendable! No glove = No love :)

I must reiterate the short time frame, as this novel only span a couple of months, but I got so much out of those months that I didn't mind it being a novella, as I never felt it as being one. It was more of a novel and the one major fault I can pin point is the abrupt end to this novel, that concluded in the middle of a conversation, with some questions still floating around.

The relationship dynamics were just right as well as the passion and friendships. They were comfortable with each other, and I felt the connection between the characters as friends, as well as  the connection between Brandon and Spencer as the leads. I love that there was no naivety of virgins in any capacity and that the characters were seasoned and confident within themselves and their relationships. It felt solid with few unrealistic notions.

Research was clearly done in this novel as well and descriptions were plenty and thorough for such a short novel. Alot of elements and layers were introduced and even with drama lurking, it was kept at a comfortable level so as to not get over the top or lacking.

While not the greatest of literary work, it had it's own premise and set of characters that kept you at ease and comfortable. It had depth for a novella length novel and a great set of characters as well as a good comfort level for you to relax and enjoy. Currently, I am comfortable with the story, characters and direction. I can't wait to get a hold of book 2 to see what's next and hope that we get a better ending next time.

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