Friday, 5 July 2013

Out of Breath By Rebecca Donovan

So, I was a skeptic when this book began. I have to say I was initially frustrated with this novel , because 10% passed and Evan was still AWOL and Emma was behaving like he's dead or something!!

I literally had to read another's review to make sure that he was even present in this book. I don't know how she keeps it together to write mundane stuff when all I wanted to do is get to the meat of the matter. I almost wanted to stop and read something else were the lead MCs actually interact.

Occasionally I had to check to see if I was reading the right book because I felt like I was starting  a new book and learning to love Cole, but it wasn't excitement it was more annoyance at the length of time taken to get to Evan and the feelings being developed for Cole.

But alas! In a beautifully unexpected fashion, we were re- introduced to Evan and we got a dual POV novel that was edited so well that you focused on nothing else but the story. I had thought that Evan cutting in at random intervals would get tedious and annoying, but I couldn't have asked for a better integration!

I almost didn't recognize Emma in this novel, and even though I loved the daredevil she became, I was annoyed at how broken she was that random people kept watch over her like a vigil. I wanted the saucy, daring, confident girl from books 1 and 2 who kept it together regardless.

The realness and raw emotions this novel provoked was profound. There was no rush and just the right pace to this story line. It was no fairy tale, but it wasn't an unrealistic love story either. There were elements and layers.

I was surprised by the complete annihilation of everything and everyone who was anti-Emma and Evan. I honestly hoped for a better transition or some closure. While Emma and Evan got there HEA, there were some people who didn't get that pleasure and therefore left me with a lot of questions.b It was like a not so clean sweep.

Death, despair and a sense of forlorn was the theme for most of this book, even though a couple of crazy times were throw in also. Therefore, this book carried a dreary vibe throughout most of the chapters. Light was hard to come by in this novel and when you got it, you barely had it until you were back to more drama.

Loved the additional characters and growth throughout with the previous characters. It was nice to finally meet the west coast guys and to see Emma and Evan in a different element. The introduction of the girls was also welcomed, and even though Peyton faded with the introduction of Evan, I did like her and wish she wasn't left out in the end.

Cole seems like a nice guy and I would love to read a book with him, because he seemed like a great guy and that's what gave me so much reservation as to why he was added in the middle of the mess that is Emma and Evan's love.

Still, if you can power through the first 30% of this book, you will find an almost perfect ending to an amazingly enlightening series. The first 30% was in no way bad, but I was starved for some Emma/Evan action, but when we got it, it was great. If only we were provided with a few more closures or a sense of finality, we could have had one of the greats!

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