Friday, 19 July 2013

Pole Dance By J.A. Hornbuckle

Not the best written, constructed or engaging story but decent enough to read.

There was a lot of things wrong with this story, from the writing, series of events and the load of unanswered questions we were left with, such as: a) What's up with Hank all around; b) The banker and his partner ... how do they all fall in all of this; c) what's really gonna happen with Fiona ... and that's just my current top three ... there is so much more to be answered. And I am under the impression that the book was complete where this story line was concerned.

Even though it gave a level of mystery that had me lining up suspects all about, I never saw it's necessity in the end, with regards to how it tied in with anything or anyone in the story at all. It wasn't even done to get back at a lead character, it seems it was done ... just because! So here is where I have more questions because I am not too sure of this situation or if it is even fully deciphered. Once again, questions ...

There was a lot of confusion, especially in the end, as to Dale's reaction to Jake's decision. It is so out of character, unnecessary and surprising to witness. For a moment there, I expected some big revelation, but nothing came, just words and threats. Honestly, this only begs another question in my mind that leads me right back to the question of what happened with Dale and Sara ... too many questions!!

There were an array of characters that sometimes seemed like too much and had me wondering the necessity of all these characters just as much as the necessity to portray most of the very basic sex scenes. Not that they weren't passionate, but we never need a play by play of all of them. I wasn't a fan when in the middle of a new day and totally unrelated conversation, we back tracked to one of their sexcapades, and in full details!!

Side note ... still waiting to find out her age. Guess I better add it to the mystery pile o.O

Honestly, I never really got a hold on Cait to see if I like her or not. I know I don't hate the girl, but I just never really connected with her or Jake as a character. Still, I loved them together.

To say Cait has anger problems is a nice way of putting it! Apparently Jake is a low-life piece of *fill in the blank* ... because ... *drum roll please* ... he bought her a bed -_- yup! Honestly, this is a book full of over reactions, so be prepared for unnecessary storms. Then, when she wanted to leave the guy for giving her the break she was looking, I just wanted to slap her and tell him to go and find a good and grateful woman who doesn't wanna live like a pauper just so she can say she does.

Apparently this man and his business partner owns half of this town if not more, and I get it's a small town, so I am surprised there is anything there left to buy.
However, I loved their business meetings and how they negotiated decisions and business matters. They are a solid team, even with Dale's continuous melt downs.

I am trying to wrap my head around the setting of a mountain town, because these men sure acted like mountain men. The settings and personal information was kept to a minimum or on a need-to-know basis. Basically, we barely scratched the surface of these characters and as such I never got to really connect with anyone. Plus the ping pong between first person and narrative story telling was confusing and not inspiring at all. Sometimes it helped, but other times, it just annoyed.

I loved her reference to her other characters from another of her books that was unrelated to this series. I like creativity and other than the style used to murder the girls, this was another creative aspect. (Not that I support murders ... creative or otherwise)!

Cait's little victory dance was unexpected and funny also. I looked forward to her doing it after every accomplishment and I believe that was a nice touch.

While Pole Dance is not the best of books, I was able to give it a read and not regret or roll my eyes too much. Still, I would read another book from this author, because I read 'Everybody Falls' and it wasn't too bad a read. So I chalk this book up to inexperience and hope for better.

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