Sunday, 28 July 2013

Chasing Beautiful By Pamela Ann

DWL at the absurdity that is this book. I was even more surprised that it has prequels and sequels. The reason I can laugh though, is because this was a free Amazon book, but if I had paid for this, I would have been pissed. But then again, the only reason I started reading it was because it was free ... so whatever!

Anyways, first and foremost, this is NOT a love, triangle, square, octagon or any other shape. It is two adults with trust issues and juvenile tendencies who are trying to make a relationship work. I am naturally curious so I am fighting tooth and nails not to finish this series, but my OCD for completion might win, but not anytime soon. I need a few good dose of a good book first.

Anyhoo, once again, not a love triangle. Just some hot guys and a breathing female who notices even though she has and kept a choice throughout the novel. The ex-boyfriend/best friend reverted back to best friend material with a crush that she didn't pay an ounce of mind and the  really good friend turned into a scheming, conniving liar whose solution for all their problems is quite ludicrous!

I got annoyed of being in Sienna's mind all the time and wanted some more conversations, preferably good ones with meanings and aim.  Some wit, banter and humor would be lovely also. This story was too plain and annoying quite frankly.

Latin blood seems to run in the author's veins, because from language to descriptions, we got a Latin feel from this novel. The only English we got was location and accents. Not that I am complaining, but the cover girl leans a little Asian, then again, it doesn't matter because at the end of the day, this was an uninspiring story.

Blake was my pick initially, when I thought there was going to be a triangle. I even commended him for not being one of those guys who let women hold them by their shirt collar while they explore the prospects of another relationship. Actually, I down right applauded him. Then before I know it, he started going Dr Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and doing the most asinine and juvenile things. Invoking jealously unnecessarily is just plain stupid and the fact that she is so easily riled that he knew he could stoop to that level was even more annoying.

Honestly, the ex boyfriend is starting to look like my favorite character now and it has nothing to do with wanting her. I swear he should find someone else and get away from this loon that is Sienna.
He was a straight up character from beginning to end and seem to be the only sane and rational one of this click that he isn't even apart of. He messed up, but maybe it was for the best, because there are like what ... 50/51 states in the U.S. (Hawaii included) ... I am at a loss as to how you fly across and Ocean to go college to get away from an abusive surrogate family leaving behind a guy that loves you with his whole world. Selfish, selfish girl all the way around! You can do better Kyle!

I'm not a make up kind of girl, so excuse me, but the basic make-up regiment that was in this book got old fast. Spend the time writing a better book I say, and focus on the characters, building personality and I don't know, a STORY! As oppose to how much mascara she is putting on and where.

I felt no romantic connection between her and any of the guys ... maybe Troy, but then again that was a very sexual shoot. It seemed that shoot was one of the finer things of this novel, as I loved how deep in description we went, and that painted a good picture of the portraits. Honestly, even a  better picture than the characters themselves.

Another book that is incapable of making a female have a really good friend who is a guy without him being gay, but I won't hold the lack of originality against the author, as she has enough faults in the novel.
Speaking of, I am not sure what is up with Lucy and Toby. I think Toby spoke probably 3 times the entire book and Lucy was practically MIA as a bestie ... most of the roles were blurred and not what was portrayed by the female lead. I think she was confused as to who is what to her.

I felt no fight, fire or remorse with Sienna's character. I even stopped reading after a while in the middle of a sex scene to watch couple Lifetime movies and believe me, I am not that much of a Lifetime fan -_-

Speaking of sex, not a lot, but more than this book needed. They should have been focusing on building a story with elements, layers ... I don't know, LIFE! ... Anything. I was not impressed and felt that this story was a total and complete bust that needs to go back to the drawing board. Thank God for OCD tendencies, because if not, I would not pick up a next book in this series. I am not looking for improvement, I just really can't even bother to expect better at this point as I am not looking forward to going back into the mind of Sienna Richards (I think ... re: the last name) oh well!

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