Monday, 8 July 2013

Losing Hope By Colleen Hoover

I keep asking myself how she does it and I would really love an answer, because I really wanna know how she takes a story that is already written, take it from another's POV and make me feel like I am reading a whole new story with cameos from the previous book ... if you are out there Ms. Hoover, please let me know, because it is genius!!

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading this book and boy was I surprised, because it really went to the roots. Even though we never got any direct dialogue from her, even Les was still alive in this installment.

I am an emotional bubble, waiting to burst with all the emotions present inside of me at the moment. This novel draws it all out and Holder's POV seems like a whole different story even if it is Hopeless from Holder's POV. It was definitely 'Losing Hope' staring Dean!

I'm gonna start off by saying that I hate the choice for the guy on the cover of this book and no way is he 18. Dude's pushing 30! (No offence Griffin ... I'm sure your an awesome guy!)

With that out of the way though, this was an awesome recollection of a previously written novel. I loved the letters written to Les and how real they felt. I craved the times he would sit down and tell her about his day, week or just thoughts in general. It's a thin line between coping and crazy and if the final chapter is any observation, he is more coping these days.

Speaking of chapters, these were labelled in a quirky, fun way and even though this book is pushing almost fifty chapters, don't let it scare you, because some chapters are literally a sentence or a thought. I swear some of them were trying to rival "Jesus Wept" from the Bible.

Which brings me to the award for creativity that goes to Colleen Hoover, because who does that?!?! Place their own story in another of their story as a story ... yup! You are boss Ms. Hoover! Can't get enough of Slammed, even if it has to be featured in another of your novels. Ain't nothing wrong with staying close to home :)

From Holder's POV, Sky is just as interesting if not more and boy did it feel good to get some parts of this novel from his POV, because they answered some questions and brought it all into focus. I couldn't have asked for a better follow up.

The fact that this novel is taken from Holder/Dean POV is all that needs to attest to the awesomeness that is this novel and character. He is straightforward, funny and so much more. He is the epitome of HOT in this novel! Sky did him no justice in her POV.

Daniel was ridiculous and kept me laughing for most of this novel with his constant antics. I would read even a novel or novella about Daniel ... pair him with Six though, it would be awesome! ... and then at 64% (Ask and you shall receive *wink**wink*)

I hate how Six seems to be MIA for these stories, but her mere presence lingers and I would want a stab at that story!

Breckin also carried his weight in this one and I was clueless that he and Holder had any interaction at all, much less to incorporate Daniel. But I must say that boys night scene and his mother antics were unexpected and hilarious.

Mostly the monumental and necessary scenes were re-enacted in full and I never knew I didn't need a recount of a scene until I got it's substitute and saw how better it was. Whoever edited this novel is a genius and deserve a raise!

Before I get ridiculously carried away, let me wrap it up by saying that if this book had amazing slam poetry, it would be better than the Slammed series. Still, it's just as good and those who are skeptic of re-reading a novel you already read, then have faith, because Ms. Hoover has found a way to divert from that monotony and give you a lovely, suspenseful, funny and overall dynamic story from another characters POV, that leaves you without questions and basking in finding that light in the dark. I couldn't have asked for a better representation of Dean's POV.

It's safe to say that I don't need a synopsis to read a Colleen Hoover book, I just need her name on it!

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