Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Just Breathe By Rachel Brookes

So let me just start off by saying how incredibly pissed I am that this book left me with a sense of unease, uncertainty and annoyance!!! I knew before going in that this novel had a part 2, but due to the ending and situations surrounding her departure, I must say I will be royally pissed if this novel starts back and things have gone south and her heart is broken again, because she doesn't deserve it and it's not fair! Why couldn't Ms. Brookes just choose a different character for book 2 ... say Lucas and Ali -_-

Still, if not for this unease I am currently feeling and a need to tear down the internet to get to book 2, I probably wouldn't have read another book in this series, as I didn't like the writing style or dialogues at all!!

It had a bad sequence, bad conversations, bad personalities, just plain BAD! My book OCD once again got hold of me and wouldn't let go, because as much as I wanted to put down this book, I kept hoping for more and wanting the answers from both their past.
To my surprise, the unease that she felt is what got my attention as opposed to their past that I must admit I thought was more dramatic!

We spent most of the book in the mind of Savannah and when we did come out to have a conversation it was mostly awfully worded or delivered. I was uncertain of which was the lesser evils.

These two behaved like two children throughout most of the novel and their make ups are just plain sad. I didn't feel their connection at all and it was neither here or there if they were together but once again, I found it imperative that they remain together at the end of the novel.

If this book return and they are not together for whatever reason, I will be pissed and it will only add to the unfairness and unrelenting monotony of this story, as he went away for three weeks with no hitch on her side, and she is going away for 4 weeks with so much questions in the air ... totally not fair!

I loved that some Australian culture and lifestyle was adopted within the novel, as it had a more realistic feel to the main character heritage. Aussie jokes and slang was also interesting to learn and laugh at.
She had a great group of friends and they are the saving grace of this novel, as it was the times spent with them that were most enjoyable.

Otherwise, I believe the settings for important reveals and conversations were either bad or borderline cheesy. This girl had a complete break down and confession in the middle of a club with a drink in her hand. C'mon!! Can u say unrealistic?  And I swear Tate has something in his eyes, he winks too much for it to
be anything else.

I however loved the interactive moments with Jack and Tanzie, as their subtlety or lack there of was hilarious and added to the few laid back laughable moments that we got from this novel.

Simon/Mr. Davenport role in this novel was small but sometimes bordered on annoying and unnecessary, not to mention the over dramatic flair that he sometimes possessed that have me believing that he might be gay.

Drinking, fighting and unimaginative sex, along with uninspiring conversations and a weak delivery were considerable points in this novel for me. I expected and wanted more and if I wasn't left with a queasy feeling at the end of this novel, this would be it for me. But seeing as I am the most curious cat ever, I shall be waiting on the arrival of book 2 ... who knows, maybe it will be better!

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