Monday, 29 July 2013

Wanted By Kimberly Knight

Comfort. That's what I mainly feel in this novel. Maybe even a little too much comfort. We are keeping a pace and growing with these characters as they progress and figure out their paths and sort through their pasts to make futures.

Still, I am lacking a wow factor and bad luck seems to be following Spencer around everywhere. Honestly, I would handcuff the girl to the bed so she can't go anywhere. I am however, still in love with her character, and growing relationships with Brandon as well as Becca. The group is growing and spreading it's wings and I must say I am interested to see what else is thrown their ways and what's in the future for them all. Not liking the whole tragedy part but let's see where it goes.

Brandon is still being his usual self and surprising us with the most unthinkable and thoughtful gifts, ideas and emotions. I am actually glad that there is little to no doubt within this relationship and that through it all, they stick together. Got tired of the expected cliche break ups and secrets.

We are able to relate to these characters because they are so ... normal I guess! Loans are taken out, responsibility is a subject matter and there is no jet setting and middle of the month yacht parties or society dinners. It's a group of friends who are living their life and taking us on a tour through Seattle, San Francisco, Texas and everything in between.

Regardless of the length, there is adventure, change of scenery and even danger, however anti-climatic it all was. I appreciate trying to add a bit of adventure, angst and danger but if you are gonna do it, do it good, because that was a very weak delivery that was laughable and barely serious. There was a point where I actually thought we were gonna have a climax that takes us on a trip but before I know it, doors are being broken down and all the fun and adventure is over.

I liked the introduction of Blake, as I could see him being apart of the crew, and that we got to go through the motions of Ryan's bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding. However, I don't get the constant introduction of Travis as he serves little to no purpose at this point and we are still missing that it factor to tie this novel all together, as the characters really just exist as normal people living their everyday life with jobs, loans and dog :) Give us some crazy event that has us hooked!

Even with a continuously steady pace, we are still missing something, as this story is starting to feel the same in every installment and therefore dragging a little. The baby steps are getting monotonous actually. Give me some flair to tie it all together. I certainly hope whoever is at the door will bring that without breaking the relationship dynamics.

Speaking of doors, this was another really abrupt ending and I hope we don't get anymore ending like these because I would go crazy if I had to wait months for something so simple as someone answering the door or a question.

The sex scenes might also need a little re-vamping as they are also staying steady. Passion is still evident, but some shock and maybe change is needed in the bedroom. These girls are adventurous when they are liquored up but in the bedroom they are pretty basic.

In all, this book is sticking on the same level as when it began and it definitely needs a wow element to tie it all together and take it to that next level. Once again, can't wait to answer that door ... literally! :)

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