Monday, 8 July 2013

Possess Me Slowly By Joya Ryan

I must say that this installment was better written. The time frame wasn't much better, but the premise behind the story gave a different feel as it all started out on a contractual basis.

It was nice to see and keep in touch with the characters from book 1, even if Brian, Grace and Tim were still physically MIA. We still were up to speed about their affairs.

I finally got a chance to understand Meg and even though she is more confident, assured and out spoken than Kate, I never knew the vulnerabilities that was in this girl's life. She seemed all put together, so the mention of the scheme, lies and secrets were a surprised, even the illness of her father. It seems all these characters are messed up in one way or a next, and Emma's turn is up next.

I like Preston. Once again we didn't get to spend much time with the mogul, but I liked the times we did, even when he was going crazy over having a bathe. I am surprised the room even had one.
He was charming, funny, caring and everything you could ask for in a husband, make believe or not.

While the story line was obvious and the secrets few but not as eventful a reveal, there was still a level of comfort with this story that you just kept on reading and felt a sense of understanding even if you are sure what's going to happen next.

There however were some variables that kept you guessing, as it relates to what trouble Emma has got herself into, and the mood we would get from Emma's dad. Once again, skimming the surface was a theme of this series. Depth was sporadically overlooked.

I am glad that the whole gang, from Adam to Emma were incorporated into this story. They all blended so well and made a predictable but easy transition into friends.

Darlene and Charlie seem necessary but inconsequential to the story and I wonder if their presence didn't bother Meg because of the nature of her union or the confidence she seems to ooze from every pore. Whatever it was, it was golden and admirable. I love a woman who is certain in her man and her relationship, ain't nothing hotter!

I loved the bonus scene for Adam and Kate, even if I expected more from this situation seeing as how it took the span of two books to occur, but once again an issue was lightlty highlighted and for the first time, a question was used to transition into the next story.

Overall though , this was a short and sweet read. It even had a few elements and layers that were handled well and I loved the chemistry and flirtation between Preston and Meg. Looking out for book 3 with Emma and Rhys. Can't wait!!

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