Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Undone By Francette Phal

A moment of silence please for a UBER SPECIAL life lost in this novel ....

.... Now, what kind of ending was that?!?!?! This is why we come to books, because the real world is full of so much sadness that some of us, like myself love the reprieve of a HEA. I understand that book 1 ended with angst that had us craving book 2 and it's outcome and I was thoroughly shocked at how book 2 began, but this is totally different and not cool at all!!

If Ms. Phal thinks that is an acceptable ending and then we move on to Bella's story, then I am sorry, but NO!!! This is a travesty and I am clutching on to the last of my hope that this isn't the ending we receive, because this is too much. I am grieving like crazy for this awesome family who doesn't deserve this. We have watched them grow from kids to parents and this is a cruel joke!

With that being said, I was excited and everything in between when I learned of this novel. I was glad to have literally everyone back, even Roan.

The thing I love about this series is that we have watched them from Ellie and Nicky were kids in a bet, to adults correcting their mistakes and then on to parents doing what's best for their kids.

It was weird to see all the kids grown, but especially Sophie. She was the original and the glue that put this family together when they were falling apart. Unfortunately, she is a tortured soul and it is hard to watch her struggle through legitimate issues that have a realistic vibe to it. They are blatant and natural concerns in her situation, and if anything, this novel was too realistic to the point of heart break.

Ellie and Nicky were back doing what they did best and it was good to see the twins grown and to see them shape into young adults as life brings experiences to their doorsteps, both good and bad and a sense of danger linger through the air.

Roan was all grown up and nothing like the snotty little boy he used to be. He was charming, sweet, straightforward and brought a sense of air to this novel. He was the light in all the darkness and I have no clue what kind of love story this is, because Romeo and Juliet definitely rival this one. If it hasn't been said, Francette Phal has an art for the heart pounding dramatics!
There was always that one moment throughout this series that stops your heart, and unfortunately, this one came at the end. I am frustrated and can barely get over the ending to analyze the rest of the book.

However, I must say that initially and throughout the novel, I got confused sometimes due to the different POVs that saturated the novel and how they were filtered in might not have been the smoothest. There was also a lack of depth and more reviews and synopsis. I can truly say the main redeeming quality is that last minute shocker, as it was basic and more of a character updates than a novel. It was like finding what everyone else was up to while trying to build a relationship with Roan and Sophie. I must say though, that unexpected was a theme throughout for me. I kept on getting shocked and I swear my blood pressure is still towering even after I have completed this book. I am at a lost of what to do with myself!

If you have started reading this series and want to see what happens with the Holbrook-Grayson family, then pick up this novel because you are sure to get that and more. Pace yourself though, because this book was surely written to give heart attacks!

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