Saturday, 27 July 2013

Worthy of Redemption By L.D. Davis

Well how about that? Kyle Sterling got some redemption after all!

If there was ever a character I didn't expect to like or even receive redemption, it would be Kyle Sterling.
Even though I hate the relationship dynamics of 'Accidentally on Purpose' and really felt for Emmy when she finally found her way out of the smoke, I never pegged Kyle for anything other than a pretentious douche and so I am certainly surprised to see that there is so much more behind the man, even if my initial assumption was also true.

Not that any of the other members of this love square was better, but I honestly thought that Kyle would just remain a member of the waste bin, but along came his personal savior in the form of Lily. I LOVE Lily's character. It's as if the girl was made for Kyle Sterling. No one ... and I mean no one ... handles Kyle like Lily. As a matter of fact, I think I have yet to read a book where I am beyond a doubt sure that two characters deserve to be together. Their relationship is more than the physical. It has a solid foundation. There is love, friendship, laughter, understanding, patience ... it has all the elements! It's the perfect relationship because of all it's imperfections.

I can't believe it, but Kyle was totally redeemed in my eyes. Who is this guy?! ... I kept asking that question because he is nothing like the secretive, manipulative man from book 1. He is still all those yes, but he is also loving, caring, supportive, funny, witty! He is THE package.

This story as before had all the elements if not a little bit better. This wasn't about love triangles or squares. It's about love, loyalty, worth and facing our past. There were layers to peel backs, secrets to be revealed and sorted. This was an emotional roller coaster that was written so as to not give me a headache with all the elements throughout. I knew my sides for sure in this one and never had a doubt in any of the characters.

I love that everyone was present and accounted for. I was even more pleased and surprised with the hint of Luke and Emmy that we got. It was done tastefully as to give us an update and to show a more realistic view as to a story book ending. I was glad to see that Emmy didn't lose her fire or support system (Team Donya) and that she had her own problems and insecurities in la la land. Her vindictiveness was spitting once again, and it was fun to watch, (muffin shop scenes) as well as to get reacquainted with Luke's member ;)

Respect is also due for the final goodbye (for now I think) between Emmy and Kyle. It was real. There was no pretense of moving on and forgetting about the past. It was there, acknowledged and agreed to remain a part of both their lives, even if they physically couldn't keep in touch.

I loved their little heart to heart, as it was so Emmy and Kyle and that was important for them to remind us of the good moments between the two. After all, it wasn't all bad.

Regardless of the screw ups by Kyle in this novel, I loved the relationship dynamic between him and Lily and I believe that this story was more than just a redemption for Kyle, Emmy, Luke and Lily. It was for everyone! I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed every single page of this book. I was never bored and never uninterested. I loved every single word within. It was structured well, worded properly and other than some minor editing errors, it was perfect in my eyes.

I felt the connection between the characters and even when apart, I never lost it. There was always a connection. I guess that's what soul mates are all about.

I don't know if there will be another book in this series, but I would definitely read it, as this story was one of the good ones. I was entertained, challenged and guided with minimum and reasonable amounts of passionate love making.

I love these two together and as separate characters. I couldn't ask for a better set of characters and story line. Good job Mrs. Davis ... can't wait on the next book!

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