Saturday, 20 July 2013

Beautiful Bitch By Christina Lauren

I have one question for you ladies ... why wasn't 'Beautiful Bastard' written like this?! This was the right tempo and everything in between for the beginning of this series. It had elements, plots, reasons, surprised and comedy. This was a comeback indeed!

I tried not to judge when it began because I was a little out of touch with 'Beautiful Bastard' having read it all the way in February ... and believe me, in the land of books ... that's a long time! Still, I found that the beginning whilst confusing was a little recap for me, but also left me struggling to put everything together again. In other words, it could have been better delivered.

Still, I loved the progression and the back and forth POV of Chloe and Bennett. Having both their POV made a real impact on this story and cleared more than the air. I finally felt their connection and understood them as a couple, something I wasn't capable of before.

We were given highlights as necessary and everything and one was covered. I honestly felt like this book should have been released before 'Beautiful Stranger' as it would have shown skeptics from book 1 that these ladies as well as this story line has been developed and better delivered.

A glimpse of both Max and Sara, who totally redeemed this series for me, was sweet and just like them both! Brought back memories :)

I also loved that the conversation and dialogues all around were better and held more appeal than before. The flashbacks also helped in cementing this novella as we even had a chance to get conversations we didn't before and meet new characters like Chloe's father.

I actually saw these characters for how they were meant to be portrayed in book 1 and I got a lot more out of this 160 page novella than I ever did with 'Beautiful Bastard'.

Unconventional proposal of the year goes to Chloe Mills and Ryan Bennett ... really guys, good call on this one. I loved very minute of it!!

And if that wasn't the perfect sex scene ending I don't know what is! I am not sure if it was a conscious thought or not, due to the heavily based sex in book 1, but I am glad that we did not have a full sex scene until the very end when it mattered, as that added something to the story for me. Hell, I even wanted more after that, and that was my main problem with 'Beautiful Bastard'

I can honestly say that this held the right tone, vibe and speed for a novella and this series in particular. I was never bored and in the end I even wanted more ... good job ladies!

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