Friday, 12 July 2013

Everybody Falls By J.A. Hornbuckle

Inconsistency. That's my vibe at the end of reading this book.

I loved the beginning of the book and their initial meeting and I believe that scene and conversation wise, both spoken and unspoken was great. It was structured just right and had me entertained and interested, but then about 34% into this novel, it fell of course especially the conversations and I was a little taken aback until I realize it's a trend. It's good and then it gets a little bad bordering on awful and corny then it picks right back up ... anyway, you get use to it.

I never understood why Lacey's POV was done in first person and the rest of the story was done in a narrative format, as to get in other people's POV, including Lacey's. Still, it wasn't bad and I appreciated it, as it cleared up some questions. Even if I still don't understand the media fascination with a washed up teen rocker ... but there is more to come so who knows ...

I soon realize that this is the theme, as we don't know what to expect from chapter to chapter, if it's gonna be a good one or one of the corny's.

I love their first 'sex' without penetration scene (so formal of me ... :). To be inside Jax's mind was hilarious as this was a completely different take from your usual rock star novels. He was inexperienced with a belt of experience (confusing indeed!) It just went to show you that random sex is completely different from a meaningful relationship. I was pleased to get some of his first also :)

Sometimes, I felt like he was 18 instead of 26 and seeking approval for everything. I literally felt like he was hopeless. At times it was endearing and sometimes sad. It showcased his constant struggle to find his place in life and I got all of that without reaching the end of this novel. If anything, the author got across her point across for the character.

I thought the author swore too much on food , specifically chocolate and treats, and it quickly became annoying. I understand her not being religious and wanting to pass off this trait on her characters, but that doesn't excuse constantly making it known and swearing on condiments and the like. Plus the word 'crikey' got annoying fast!

I loved Lacy's character and love the relationship she had with Jack and Jax. While I never felt as strong a connection as they felt and never got the on/off of their relationship, I loved them together and the awkward sex conversations they had. Lacey's strength was also admirable and Jax' slight lack of a filter kept things interesting. He was never one to beat around the bush.

Speaking of sex conversations, Edie was a darling and nothing that came out of her mouth was ever expected. If I was to have a grandma, I would want her to be just like Edie.

There was a certain comfort about this story where you liked the characters and the story line, but there was still something missing and occasionally it slid into being boring or uneventful to just downright unrealistic, annoying and everything in between. (Queue up Ricki and Turner's meeting for 'Most Unrealistic Meeting Ever' ... )

I can honestly say I am confused as to how I feel about this story. I love the characters and the premise especially with regards to a bunch of rockers, but it still needs some work and while I didn't see it needing a part 2, I would still read it due to the comfort it provides ... idk, maybe it was the rainy weather that I read it in, but I liked it even if occasionally it confused and annoyed me.

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