Monday, 22 July 2013

Thief By Tarryn Fisher

I have a headache ... and it's all because of this book! Firstly, because of the position I read 60% of this novel in, because I couldn't wait for my kindle to finish charging and second because bittersweet endings mess with my head ... hence the headache!

Tarryn Fisher, you had my 5 stars at chapter 1. All I needed was that first page ... but thanks for the rest ;)

However, you are one sick lady! I don't know if it's this cast of characters, the story line or just plain you Tarryn, but how is it that I get what I want at the end of this novel, but with so much sacrifices along and at the end of the day .... ?? It's like real life ... it's so fair and balance it's borderline annoying! You are such a do gooder Ms. Fisher!!!!!!

If I never loved Caleb before, then I certainly would in this novel. It's not even the fact that it is taken from his POV, it's the things he says, the timing, the passion, dear Lord it is the MAN!! This book is aptly named because this man stole every thing from me with this novel and the guy on the cover was easy on the eyes so that helped!

You got everything! If you are looking for something that wasn't there, then look again. Because it is there. you probably just missed it. There were no stones left unturned and all blanks were filled in. Even some I didn't know I have.

Our frequent jump into the past had me on edge and nervous as hell! It seems as we ping pong between the here and now, there is always some tension or drama or something to hold us back or give us reason to panic. Hell, in all truth and fairness, we got a very bittersweet ending that was laced with emotions, surprises, and even death. That one totally blew me away, because I came to love these characters as I grow with them and I just wanted them to wake up and for it all to be a dream ... emotionally invested doesn't even come close to how I feel!

I have always been a fan of Olivia and that sure as hell didn't change! Even when some of her more quirky behavior was revealed, I still fell in love with this amazingly independent woman who mowed down anything in her path and had you guessing what would come out of her mouth at any given time ... no one knew her thoughts until spoken. Maybe not even her!

Cammie!!!! woot! woot! I love this girl. She is fiercely loyal, entertaining and the best best friend anyone could ask for. No one, and I mean no one had a filter in this book, but right behind Olivia, Cammie was second in that department. I'd be afraid of what would come out of this girl mouth if I were her friend.

Noah .... I get why everyone is calling him a prick, but if we push aside our undying love for Olivia and Caleb, we could see his reluctance and maybe even accept that he tried. Even Caleb sympathized with him for a minute. This guy could be the perfect husband if not for his very real and serious demons and every one knows that only one person was put on this earth for this fiery llama, and it's Caleb the peacock. So the guy didn't even have a shot!

Leah was ever present in all her dirty red, but we barely got snippets of the viper that was Leah. She seemed more tamed or maybe it's Caleb's way of calming all the viper-type women of his world. I wanted to see some of that ginger fire so that Liv could have some true competition ... but then Olivia semi kicked her ass and I was all good again ;)

It was nice to see Stella grown up, and regardless of the tragedy, were she was placed. I feel a sense of hurt for what Caleb and Olivia will never have, because I think after all this time, they deserve more for the struggles that was thrown their way throughout the years, even if it was self-imposed.
We literally grew with these characters from college kids to adults and I wanted much much more for them!

The wicked punch lines, Oliviaisms, banters and weird traditions were upheld within this installment. I believe that this story stayed true to it's core and gave us everything we initially fell in love with. I couldn't have asked for a better character to lead us out of all of this tangle of emotions and Caleb and Tarryn did a great job at bringing this tremendous series to an end. I must say that I want so much more, and not because it was unfinished, but because I love these guys and I don't wanna let go!

I've never done this before and believe me I have a lot more lines that stunned me from this novel, it's like a yellow highlighted zone throughout this book, but these two instances I must share, because who is this guy and why don't every woman have one of him? He wouldn't have to steal nothing, I would just give it all up to him!

My outtakes :)

"Your marriage won't last. Tell Noah the truth; be fair. When you do, come find me, and I'll give you that baby." - What an exit!!! o.O

"You're wearing that dress simply because you like it. You don't dress to make men look at you - you hate men. But, your body is ridiculous and it happens anyway. You walk and your hips sway from side to side, but you don't walk that way to get attention, it's just the way you move - and everyone looks. Everyone. And when you listen to people speak, you unconsciously bite your lower lip and then let your teeth slide across it. And when you order wine at dinner, you play with the stem of your wine glass. You run your fingers up and down . You are sex and you don't even know it. Which makes you even sexier. So, when I think dirty thoughts, forgive me. I'm just under you spell like everyone else." - I'd just take off the dress and give him anything he wanted right there!!!

Thank you Tarryn Fisher for an incredible story and a memorable set of characters!

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