Tuesday, 16 July 2013

While It Lasts By Abbi Glines

And I am back to Sea Breeze ... well for some parts.

After I finish reading 'Because of Low', I really wanted Cage to get his own story but this was not what I expected. I expected some bad fun! I don't like when a character has to change too much of who they are when they get in a relationship, and I don't know if it's the setting or the female lead, but I didn't like that he had to change so much. I wanted fun and frolic with someone who understands him and isn't afraid to venture out there!

Eva had her moments and I saw that natural curious gleam throughout, as well as a little sex kitten waiting to be petted, but I never wanted to wait, I just wanted the fun and best believe you had to wait!
This novel had a very soft tone to it and I contribute that to it being set in the country side. It was all pies, sweet tea and mourning for a quarter of the book, then we really got into it and then the drama came and went and before we know it, the book was over.

Still, the Sea Breeze series has grown in comparison to book 1, and other than being well written, it was edited beautifully. So even when things didn't go your way, you still enjoyed this novel and wanted to read more.

There were times that we got a glimpse of the Cage that was mentioned in 'Because of Low', and I love those parts, because those are what made me fell in love with the character. I loved his forwardness and surprisingly his honesty. He might not be the perfect guy, but he was honest and to the point when needed, and I guess because of the amount of flesh he received, he had no problem staying away from the temptation when need be. He has strength, compassion and so much more. Total package and that first penetration sex scene, what he did after he came was awesome and jerked me a little! ... That's how you make sure your girl gets off!! ;)

Eva as a character, was a good one. Initially she was pathetic and I kept asking myself what is up with this girl and then with the flick of a nipple ring, she forgot her mourning and fully dive into the party. Not that I wanted her all weepy and mourning, but her transformation was fast without much convincing on Cage's part.

Dialogue was well structured and the scenes flowed. There was hardly ever if any unnecessary scenes and while this book had a low note, I still enjoyed it regardless because it was beautiful YA literary work.

I am glad that we still got to go to the bar and that we got updates on characters as well as interaction, even in passing. We were also given a little snippet for the follow up novel of Preston and Amanda and that looks drama filled and already strapped down in my kindle :)

For a man who was always knocking boots in 'Because of Low' he was like a dried up well in this novel. Still, the sex scenes that came were passionate and heated and it was good to be in both their minds throughout this novel, as it gave us sides and clarity, as well as a different vibe throughout the more intimate scenes. It was even more appreciated when chapters overlapped so that you could receive both characters views on a matter at hand. (Lake Scene)

Surprisingly, I liked Jeremy when he was around and would totally read a book with him, as he's got this vibe I like. Honestly, I say give him and Becca Lyn another go!! :)

Overall though, this book was much more mellow than I expected for the character of Cage, but it wasn't boring either. Without sparking much emotions from me, it was still a nice comfortable summer read with a little less drama than the previous book and a relaxed and controlled environment between two totally different people who understand each other like no one else does ... or maybe Low in regards to Cage.

Still, nice book about love, lost, friendship and moving on. I never felt sad for her or around her but I was interested in this story and that's major points for me any day.


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