Thursday, 4 July 2013

This Man Confessed By Jodi Ellen Malpas

I think I could cry ... I don't want it to be over!!! I love this story too much. I know the story is all told out but God I miss them already!!!

Amazing ending with unexpected conclusions!!! ... that sums it up in a sentence for me.

There's no doubt as to the origins of this novel. Everyone stayed on point and other than a few grammatical errors, this story was well written, constructed and edited.

This story really lived up to it's title because in the end, there was not one of the proverbial unturned stone. This was honest Jessie in all his glory!! If you have a question to ask him, this would be the book for it.

I might not have gotten all present day conclusions, but the door to the past was slammed in true Jesse and Ava style!!! We were no longer in the dark and that's what this book was really about, laying the cards down, one by one and we did that at just the right pace with the right reactions and actions.

My expectations were thwarted indeed! I was not expecting half the occurrences at the wedding (Handcuffs were brilliant) and the epilogue was a definite pleasure filled welcomed surprise. The cliche was removed and normal Jesse and Ava style was enforced.

Regardless of it's length, this book kept me engaged and wanting more from beginning to end. It was a struggle to get any work done! I laughed, I smiled, I frowned, I scowled and so many more! This book had it all, good and bad and it was done to keep the original premise and pace that we are use to in this story.

With secrets being revealed all over, old characters were seen in a totally new light and twists were weaved into the plot at any opportune time. It was a very opportunistic book if you ask me :)

Ava was back and fierce as ever!! I don't know if it's the British heritage in her, but the girl got spunk and so much more. She did her own trampling and she also stayed true to the Ava that we love from book 1. She was strong, confident and so much more than the girl we met from book 1 if that is even possible!

I had a couple initial annoyed moments with this character, but she bounced back nicely around 35% in and we been in love again since :)

A level of maturity and growth was seen throughout this story, or at least after a few tries. It took you on the journey as Ava and Jesse worked on their relationship, as outside and definitely unforeseen forces tried to tear them apart.

Not a lot of conventional things happened throughout this novel, so don't expect it! There was also a reveal regarding Dan that left me a little troubled at the end of this as it completely change my view of Dan. (My Dan the Man theme was crushed) :(

The sex scenes were precise. It wasn't overtly kinky and it wasn't drawn out to the point of losing interest. It was sensual, passionate and beautifully scripted. Don't let the number of pages fool you, it's a great relaxing read that leaves you begging for more and gauging the percentage to make sure you don't finish too quickly while needing to see what's next.

The little quirks of both Jesse and Ava was also retained and I am thankful that lapses weren't overly exaggerated. It was understated elegance indeed!!!

It was a great, comfortable read, as I watched the love pouring out of these characters while I picked up on some ideas. (Ava Wall ... priceless)!!! The possibilities were endless in this novel and Jesse definitely shocked me at times. The man is a walking one man wrecking ball!

It was good to see all the old characters and catch up on what had happened since book 2. The developments were welcomed, scary and intriguing throughout. I'd be lying if I didn't say that the last 80% of the book is where most of the action and the big secret is revealed, ending with an epilogue with a delightful little twist.

The gang was definitely all back and I love that Ms. Malpas stuck to her English roots and gave us a raw, gripping love story with foundation and strength. It was a pleasurable build up to an amazing end! (Sound like something Ava would say and Jesse would do) :)

I must say that I never had any specific feeling going into this novel, but I hoped for the best and got great! I will truly miss this book series to the point where I am considering reading it again. There is something about these characters that leave you wanting 'constant contact'.

I couldn't have asked for it to be written any better. It was nicely done with even treats all wrapped up in between chapters. I can't wait to see what else Jodi Malpas has under her skin, because I am new fan. I shall countdown until then .... three ... two ... one ... zero baby!!!

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