Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Naked By Raine Miller

What a week ... literally! This story didn't even span a month. I think it was like 2 weeks and a couple days max! So to say unrealistic, would be kind. The time frame was ridiculously short for the emotions and problems that occurred. They didn't even know each other before they met so they have no excuse, and the painting that started it all still hasn't been seen again since that first night.

Regardless of the two weeks, we got a nice handle on their personalities even though it's not much to begin with. I get that she has a dark past and secrets galore and naturally he does too being a war vet but with the pace they were going I'd be surprised as to what else can be expected. If left up to them, they'd be married and having kids within a month!

Brynne (love her name btw ...) seems like a good character so far. Despite her shortcomings emotionally and the ridiculously short time span within she falls in love, she's funny, witty and has sarcasm dripping all over her, just my type of character! She is an impractical realist. Yup! Total contradiction, but she is. While the tide is strong and consuming, she knows this, but is a natural submissive so she's just enjoying the ride.

Ethan ... well, he's a dominant for sure. But I love his approach to Brynne and even though he is our usual millionaire alpha-male, he is more hands-on with his work. I love that he has a pet lion fish because ... who has that ?! :) I also love his little declarations and even though he is way to emotionally invested with the span of time he has known her, I love his passion for everything Brynne and his love of double meanings.

We never got a chance to develop much with the secondary characters, because they seemed to only have been available when Brynne needed an Ethan break, but I was totally fine with that. I love them as a couple and their time together was not boring at all or fill with unnecessary scenes and conversations. With the story being as fast paced as it was, there was no room or time for any of that anyways.

The sex scenes were passionate. They might not have been unusual or off the charts hot, but they were real and filled with emotions. I loved his inability to keep his hands off her whether it be sexual or not. Even if I can't understand or respect the time frame of this novel, I love all the passion and emotion that was apart of this relationship. I only wished that she would have made the decision to take the time and make this a novel instead of a novella and commit to building a solid foundation for these characters instead of the unrealistic love at first shag!

Speaking of shag, I usually love a novel that is set in the UK, as I am always open to new language and culture. Even though I read a review after reading this book that notified me that there were a few inconsistencies with Ms. Miller's take on the London scene, I had already read the book and never saw it affecting my view on it either. I must say I was skeptical about a few things without even being a Brit ... like the strip mall (that seemed much more American), I never saw the need to nit pick it, even though I love a well researched novel. While inconsistent, it never deducted from the book, the major flaw in this novel was time frame. We needed a lot more of it!

Still, I liked this novel and I am actually intrigued and not obligated, to find out what happens next. It might not be an ideal story line or time frame, but it is intriguing and has me wanting to see it through to the end. the fact that it is more novella than novel helps also, as I might not have been as intrigued if it was 300 pages of a Fifty Shades re-enactment.

It's short, it's bitter, it's sweet, it's spicy. It's much more than culture inconsistencies and love at first sight. It is a story with a nice cast and a story line fill with potential. Give it a try, you might just like it!

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