Sunday, 7 July 2013

Facade By Nyrae Dawn

This one had a slow start for me. It didn't capture you initially, but it certainly cleared up eventually and brought to light Adrian as I never expected. I figured he had issues being a stoner and all, but boy I never expected that little twist of lemon at the end there.

This story is easy going for most of the way, and while it's a different tone than Charade, it's still as good, but with much deeper roots and connections.

I love how we got to delve into Adrian' s personality and got to clear up some questions from Charade, as well as get his POV on issues from that novel also.

He was honest and funny in a serious way. He was by no means a comedian, but his straightforwardness was contagious and eventually funny. His lackluster attitude and vices were lovely personality traits (had me jonesing for pancakes at 12 in the morning) and if this book lack anything, it wasn't a sense of knowing. You got to understand each character, even if at times the repetition got annoying.

Delaney was like a pixie ... in my mind at least. While I sometimes got annoyed with her constant inner conflict and saw the obvious plot before it occurred, I still loved her character. There was something about her that you just get!

It's like regardless of her short comings, you still love  her and just want to forgive her even when she messes up. I loved her honesty and the interactions between herself and Adrian. Honest banter is always appealing! It's as if the games were only being played with the outside world. With each other, there was a sense of understanding. They got it, even if we don't.

It was good to finally get into the reasons behind the constant partying and I love that Cheyenne and Colt were present in this one, and not just a passing thought. The integration was considerate.

Whilst a break up was expected, I love the way the reconciliation was delivered. It was still a little too soon if you ask me, but the reservations compensated for the time frame and I love that it wasn't overly dramatic. It was just the right pace for this series.

While we didn't spend much time with Maddox, I figured he would get his own story, and I must say, it was a great excerpt of the next book in the series. I'm a bundle of excitement and nerves at the possibility of this book. It sounds so good and promising already!!

While Facade didn't blow me out the water, it kept me steady and interested. There were elements  and depth. Between it all, there were stories and emotions that were executed well and delivered precisely.

There is something soulful and comfortable about this series, as no story is the same, even with the same set of characters present. I am glad another book will be added to this wonderful series and I can't wait to dive in!

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