Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Anything Like Me by Kimberly Knight

The thing with this novel is, that the things that make me like this story, is what makes me question the quality of this novel also. I love their level of responsibility, because the continued theme of unwanted pregnancy was played out and at least they planned from their marriage to their baby making. Boring maybe, but a difference nonetheless. Things were planned and relationships were secure. Honestly, I never thought he was cheating on her. But then again, it's all been so perfect from the start that there was basically no room for growth or shock within this relationship. In the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs theory, Brandon and Spencer reached self-actualization relationship wise from first sight. (If that is even possible!)

The spontaneity of this novel, was a death. This was so off course I was like ... "Come again ... why?"  o.O I didn't see the need for that death and once again we got some half way tries at a climaxes throughout. If not for the death and "cheating" scene, shock value would prolly be nil.

I am upset with this series because it span three books at the same level. I could figure out things before they happened and felt like they were too many unnecessary conversations, events and observations. It was basically too basic!

I still loved the characters and once again we got a change of scenery as well as being apart of Spencer and Brandon's wedding planning to execution and everything in between. Surprisingly though, we never got the birth, but then again, maybe we will get a novella with this ... who knows.

I was still comfortable with the characters and their life, but they were too comfortable with us also. A little adventure, REALISTIC shock and maybe some believable drama was  needed.

I like the 'Wingman Chronicles'. I have previewed his work and even follow him on twitter, but really, his part wasn't necessary with regards to the depth it was given. Great guy, unnecessary in depth scene!

For a minute I thought we would have a mini scandal on our hands with Blake and Ryan but apparently we weren't gonna pop that safe bubble that this story stayed in. I, However, could definitely read a book about Blake! ;) He is unpredictable, feisty, straight forward and is sure to get our blood pumping! Give us a B & ____ (fill in the blank) series ... maybe Stacey ... who knows :)

I feel as though Ryan's character was phased out of this installment and I expected lot more with her as I liked their relationship dynamic, as well as I feel like we were given more depth into Ryan's wedding than Spencer's. Most of the delivery of this book was weak. After three books, I expected better. The cliches and predictable scenarios didn't grate my nerve, but left me disappointed. Let's just say even though I was comfortable with the story, I expected more, and this is where the contradiction occurs, because it is not a bad story, just a weak delivery.

I even felt as though Spencer lost some of her fire and flare! She wasn't as witty and sarcastic and the banter between her and Brandon that ignited this book slowly faded until it was completely extinguished from this installment. I still love them as a couple, but they are kind of a boringly safe couple. There drama level is a 1! :(

I am glad that the sex scenes got less because they weren't doing nothing new, so at least we weren't tortured with basic repetitive sex scenes. Also, the entire section spent discussing another story ... No bueno! C'mon ... a mention is respectable but for us to spend at least a half page if not one, reading about the ladies discussing another fictional novel, just seemed once again safe and unnecessary. Are you writing a book or reviewing a novel? Make up your mind!

This might be the toughest review I have given this book, but it's because this is suppose to be the third and final book in this series and we are yet to have a climax big enough to have us salivating! It's all repetitive and basic. Basic, Basic, Basic book. I really expected more and was given the making of a novel. I really wish after this book I would feel the loss of the series and while I was comfortable with the story, I know it won't be on my re-read list!


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