Monday, 22 July 2013

Pieces of Truth By Angela Richardson

I am physically unable to do anything, even sleep until I get the contents of this book off my mind. So here goes I at 1 am ...

I would have never chosen the person she did in the end. That relationship has never meshed for me and quite frankly I was disinterested in the novel, when I unconventionally skipped to the end of this novel to find her choice and my disappointment stumped me from carrying on for a while.

Also, in a shocking twist, something that has never happened to me before, did. I completely turned on a lead female character that I previously loved. And this was before I even knew her choice. Honestly, I wasn't even sorry for her when a twist was revealed in the ending of this story and I really hope another guy isn't brought in, because I am getting tired of the games. There are so many that I just plain and simple don't wanna play no more.

I spent most of this novel contemplating if I even want to read book 3, and if not for Clint, I would give it all up!!

Just a side note that, I hope Ms. Richardson sees, please leave Clint out of Norah's messed up life and give the boy some piece and happiness. His personality is marvelous and his intensity can be better suited than one of the many balls that Norah bats around her field called New York.

It's been a while since a book has brought out so much emotions within me that I am still a little shocked. I am rooting for the bad guys because at least they stay bad, and I am annoyed with the hypocrisy of the good guys ... mostly just Norah.

I think my love for Clint is already known from my review on book 1, but let me just once again point out my undying love and support for this character that I rooted for even when his wrongs were brought to light. I even felt better about it all when I found out that he was wronged, because I never once pegged him as callous. If anything, he was too loving to that wench and I am sorry he has to pay the price. I really want to see him happy and would even read a separate novel about him discovering a female who is better than Norah and treat him like he deserves.

I always saw Josh in the friend zone and not once was I able to scrape any emotional or fiery connection between the two. I always loved Norah and Clint together. Up until this book at least, now I want Clint to find someone for him. Can we just make book 3 all about Clint? I wanna read that!!!! :)

Samuel is another character than grow on me. I loved his antics and banter between the men. Honestly, when the smoke cleared, all the guys seemed right and Norah just plain old wrong!
I never liked how these three good guys were treated by Norah in this novel. She was written in the novel to seem petty, selfish and quite pretentious for someone who hates the rich.

I believe it was a weak attempt to nit pick small details of these men to make them villains when she stumbled upon the choice she wanted at the end of this novel. I would have felt better if it was left like book 1 where a choice was made without turning innocent people into villans to help a girl make a decision. I think it could have been delivered better.

Tess still hasn't taken a mold and quite frankly I trust no one from this novel other than Clint.

It's once again a situation where the end persons POV was better than the entire novel and what kept you wanting to get your hands on book 3.

Still, regardless of all the complications, twists, turns and overall drama galore, Ms. Richardson stuck to her original vibe and carried it throughout the novel. The lady sure knows how to scheme and plot. It seems no innocents are present in this novel. Everyone has an agenda! Honestly, it's like 'The Opportunist' series all over again but with even more angst!

I can say that I am glad for the times in between books because my mind needs to cool off from the work out it got from this novel. My emotions were all over the place and I have no idea why I felt so strongly about this novel, but I just did. I think I am going to find a nice relaxing book now to calm me down from this mind-sex of a series!!!

P.S. the Abbi Glines was gone out of this one, it was pure James Patterson without physical deaths ... because my heart surely broke for Clint!

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