Thursday, 18 July 2013

Fading By E.K. Blair

Patience young grasshopper, because it does get better!

When I first began reading this story I was completely confused as to if I was reading the right book. The prologue was taken from a different POV and I was thoroughly excited to begin. However, we reached chapter two and the promised story line seemed non-existent. I keep asking ... "Are we there yet?" with every page I turned.

There was a lot of unnecessary red tape before you got to THE actual story and main characters. It was filled with emphasis in explaining each scene and characters as they were introduced. Honestly, we could do without the first two chapters. we were five chapters in an I was still waiting for the male lead to enter the story. Despite this, I loved the slow build up when it all began!

It actually took 5 chapters to get to the main story ... can u say anticipation?!?! And even then, we were still in a form of limbo. The good thing is, the writing got better along with the scenes and anxious vibe that was displayed throughout by the lead female character.

This story occasionally reads more as a script than a novel. It's as if the motions are explained for us to re-enact them. The characters almost became robot like. "I walk over to the stereo." "I plug in my iPod". ... like really though??! ... get to the point!

Still, once I really got into this story, I didn't want to put it down. If not for sleep and getting to work, I would have finish it in one day in one sitting without a break ... yup! It's that good. While it frustrates initially, it captivates eventually.

Normally I am not a fan of moving too slow in a novel, but these characters were almost snail pace with their relationship and I somehow loved the pace, as it kept that realistic vibe to the story. It wasn't rushed and it was done all in good time. I felt no pressure for them to get to the sex scenes but I like the passion and devotion they had when the time came.

There were some winded parts that I almost felt like delve too much into it's explanations, but I still appreciate it, because I love when an author does research and present us with a well written and informed novel. And believe me when I say this story was both.

I believe that the important scenes such as the rape whilst it occur, and the events of the hospital were done with just the right everything. Tone, imagery and everything in between bordered on a good Law and Order: SVU episode ... was waiting for Olivia to walk in any minute. I was definitely in a trance with her.

There was a certain level of comfort with this novel that made me feel comfortable around all the characters and that opened me up to reading the 'Fading' novella with Mark and Jase. While I have never read a book about two guys, I feel compelled to read this one because Ms. Blair has a gift of making you feel calm and fearless ... she is fierce and I know she will make that journey a good one.

I loved Ryan and Candace as a couple. They just make sense. Candace was so many things before her rape and I loved how she processes everything as it happened. She's actually the first female character who doesn't annoy me with the constant tears. They were well placed and never got annoying when she was overcome with emotion.

I love Ryan from the prologue all the way to the very last word of this novel and I even hated Candace when she was mad at him because I fully understood his position and thought she was being a selfish wench ... but then again that's just my opinion :)

Jase and Mark is one of the best couple in my books and I love their relationship dynamics and everything in between ... I honestly can't wait to get a copy of their book, as I can imagine it's gonna be exciting and full of surprises.

Other reviews keep hinting at a cliffhanger and I can honestly say, while there is some reactions to be examined, a decision was made that left both characters satisfied and without a question as to what they want or where they are at.

I am however curious as to book 2 and how it will be delivered. I am not sure if we are going back over 'Fading' but from Ryan's POV, or if we are going to be getting a continuation from where book 1 concluded. Either way, I am excited and can't wait to dive into this one.

Overall, this is a well researched novel with a great set of characters and an intricate story line that focuses on a lot more than the main subject area. You were taken on a journey at just the right pace and kept interested throughout. There were highs, lows and so much more. I might not have like the slow development in the beginning, but when the story began, it definitely picked up and maintain momentum.

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