Thursday, 25 July 2013

All In By Raine Miller

This installment was a little longer but not much happened. We re-instated the emotions that were developed at lightening speed in book 1 for sure. Developments were few and spaced as oppose to the constant up tempo vibe of book 1. Sometimes I wonder where we were going with all this or when we would start getting some threats or supn! But as soon as they came, they kind of went.

Roles were reversed and the prologue was by Brynne and the story by Ethan. I am not so sure if I can say I like one narrator better than the other, as it was a little confusing at times. I got used to Brynne's POV and expected it, so at times I found myself wondering "What is she thinking ...?"

I am a little loss as to the direction the story is looking to turn, as I keep waiting for some action to refer to the main point of her getting security, but as soon as we were getting some head way, 'The End' came up and we have to wait on book 3 to get the rest of the story.

Even though we were introduced to some more supporting characters, we still didn't get much interaction with them, unless necessary. We got a glimpse of the upcoming spin off series with Gabby and Ivan, but that wasn't much so I hope to see some more before we get thrown into that series.

Still, I loved the small glimpse of Ivan that we got and I can't wait to see him and Gabby making a connection. It should be an interesting one.

It's hard to pin Brynne's character in this installment mostly because we weren't in her mind. She seemed much more submissive from Ethan's POV and I think that aided in changing my outlook of this character. I still adore her, but now I am questioning what I know about her.

Still on team Ethan though, and surprisingly, he even seems less dominating than before. It's as if  the roles have been reversed.  Once again, I think it's due to the switch in POV. I honestly can't say which one of them I like telling this story more. But both are tolerant and capable.

We finally get some more pieces as to Ethan's past, but it's still quite cloudy as to what's real and what's just his dreams, because they are all so blended.

Ethan is rather witty and comical with his POV, and he unintentionally seems to be surrounded by animals or continue to make reference to them. His possessiveness and jealousy, trust, basically all his issues are thrust upon us in this novel.

The sex scenes were definitely different and seemed less descriptive than before. Passion was still evident, but it seems that sex told from the woman's POV might be more interesting where this novel is concerned. I am unsure as to if it's the author's ability to write numerous sex scenes from a male POV or if Ethan just blocks out most of the time and had to piece it together for us when he came to ... either way, it wasn't lacking, but it wasn't expounded on much either.

It's as if this story slowed down exponentially, and having been used to the pace of book 1, made it seem like the story was dragging at times. In reality, things were happening, just not at the pace expected. Because almost all major emotions had already been portrayed in book 1, that didn't leave us with much to discover emotionally from book 2. We finally got the details of Brynne's story but the introduction to Ethan's was brief and clearly hint of so much more. I look forward to his story, as it seems like a special one.

While I am not a fan of short series books, I like this one and I am comfortable with the set of characters and story line as it progresses. I still would prefer a complete novel, but I am still interested so far. I have yet to give up or get tired of the wait and abrupt stops. Even with a very serious threat looming, this installment ended with the main characters on fairly good terms, so there is that to be thankful about.

There was a little Simba's POV attraction at the end of this novel that was quite nice and a little crazy at times. She got points for creativity even if she wasn't the author, but the concept was creative and it's nice to know Simba sees all with his handsome self ;)

I can't wait to continue this series and see where it takes us, I just really hope that the author doesn't see it fit to draw the story to a point where we all lose interest because of an unrealistic continuity. Also, the  book covers seem to be getting less and less intriguing, I hope that changes as we get to the end.

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