Wednesday, 17 July 2013

On Caristo's Watch By Billy London


'Windows' wasn't the best, but 'On Caristo's Watch' was bad! (Not in a good way) If I had read this book first, I probably wouldn't continue with the series at all.

There was definite potential there, but the conversations, editing and overall development was lacking and uninspiring. I got confused at times trying to figure out who is saying what and why .... ?!?! A lot of unnecessary conversations and some confrontations were present. Very weak delivery!

I knew Tony's character would be entertaining and I certainly loved his character as well as the relationship he had with Lydia, but this story was like a good enough draft waiting to be completed and edited properly.
There was a great group of characters and  I loved Johnathan and the incorporation of Luca and Rocco. It was also good to see Nick in another light and to get tabs on Paul and Sofia as well as some background information on Tony other than him being the second in command.

Lydia was pleasant but forceful at times and while I loved her protectiveness, and the way they shared their emotions and feeling towards each other, I still would have loved at least one good, sex scene that wasn't rushed or watered down. (Just one is all I ask!!)

There was limited interaction with Lydia and the outside world, co-workers included, and I would have liked some more scenes with Kelvin, as I believe this would help with development as well as motive. As I said ... total draft.

This story basically picks up back after Nick was shot at the pseudo-engagement party and it was good to get into Tony's mind, as he always seems so life of the party without a care in the world.

I had thought that the starting was off but I was waiting for it to get it's footing. Unfortunately, it never did. However, I did enjoy some of the banter and conversations between the characters, especially Lydia and Tony and the few interactions between Nick and Tony were entertaining at times.

It was also nice to see a part of Tony's work and to get a little deeper in the Da Canaveze family business as it comes to clean ups, threats and protection.

We got a taste of Gina and Sofia in the epilogue and it was good to see the guys altogether as they planned for Nick and Gina's nuptials.

Scenes were rushed, scene development was weak and a lot of work was needed in this novel. Mostly due to the time frame and events surrounding this novel, the epilogue had an unrealistic feel. I was wondering if we were gonna get a climax when we reached the 74% mark with nothing on the horizon, but when it came, it went fast and even with some fascinating moments, it all still seemed forced and rushed.

I am thoroughly disappointed in the delivery of this novel, as it had a good plot, set of characters and potential. Still, the saving grace for me was Tony as a character and the crazy things that went on in his mind and came out his mouth. Honestly though, not sure if I want to go further in this series, as this installment was still a disappointment.

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