Sunday, 30 June 2013

Unravel Me By Kendall Ryan

I feel cheated. This is definitely not what I expected. I saw amnesia and murder and hope for a total mind sex and instead I got a soft tough guy and a very forgiving and naive Ph.D. student.

There should be a disclaimer that says this is a love story! And it is summarized in one book!! ... There, I just said it!

Logan ... let me not spoil the name reveal for you and keep mentioning him by this name, I liked. I understood and I appreciated. But I wanted more for and from him. The book ends with things in place but still not clear.

Ashlyn is a very naive young lady who could have gotten herself killed or worse. But seeing as how it's story land, she found love. Otherwise, I had no problem with the girl. I think most of my resentment has to do with my misunderstanding of what I was about to read.

I know it's a love story, but I figured it would be a psychological thriller/love story or at least a mystery suspense. Most people believe something was missing, but in actuality, I think it has more to do with expectation and delivery as well as the lack of depth when it comes to the main premise of the story, which was amnesia.

I understand that he doesn't know who he is or anything before he woke up in the hospital, but he also didn't put the pieces together or built much of a personality in the process. Needless to say, without his ex, we wouldn't get a full profile of who he is and he didn't work through much if you ask me.

Actually, I loved the life and routine that he was creating with Ashlyn. That's a story I could follow. I loved them like that. It felt more like a real relationship from foundation up. When the past was introduced it just complicated and plummeted the story if you ask me.

I figure it's important to find his roots, but I honestly never mind what they had going. I was disappointed with the missing prospect of a full on mystery, but the building of a relationship with two people who have just met and one who knows nothing about themselves, was intriguing but the execution was lacking in parts.

Honestly, the sex scene descriptions were unnecessary, as they barely spoke during the acts, but I loved the final sex scene! I got to say it was funny as hell and part of the reason I am gonna read book 2, is because I love Liz's fire!!

Overall, this novel was probably too short and not properly expounded on, but it was a great premise and a comfortable read. Even in my disappointment, there were prospects and moments that I can't regret. It just needed to be longer and a focal point chosen. It was all over the place and issues were left either unresolved or solved too easily. Sometime it's like we were going in fast forward.

Great set of characters, just needed some development and focus to be one of the greats.

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