Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Claim Me By J. Kenner

I am squealing with excitement right this minute!! I can't wait to start Complete Me ... to get to that bittersweet ending to a fantastic (actual) trilogy!!

I must say that initially I was a little pissed with the beginning of this book and how it started to over do the sex scenes. I was bored when it began and kept wondering when we would get some of that Nikki and Damien banter that we had in 'Release Me'. But about 60% into the novel, we were re-introduced to the Nikki and Damien we love. While a little late, I was still pleased, as it's definitely 'Better late than Never'

There were laughs, angst, pain, love, friendship, heart ache and so much more, packed in about a month of intense story telling!!! I looked forward to each chapter, even if it was to get over the sex scenes and into the story.

I have to say the sex scenes were much more detailed and erotic in this installment. We even have some heavy fore and role play. Some I didn't mind so much, others I believe were reaching. Still, we got to watch Nikki and Damien's relationship strengthen throughout this installment as games are set aside and we get into the mind of Damien Stark.

Damien is still an enigma in this one and we see his sexual wings spread and boy are they a fine set of wings!! We finally see why this book can be placed in a BDSM category and even though it comes at the cost of sex overload, it's completely worth it when all the walls are broken down and we get to share in the revelations with the characters.

Nikki is definitely stronger in this one and it's thrilling to see her fight for what she wants instead of going back to her old demons or Damien for support. (Awesome press conference Nikki!) Too bad the chick is hopeless in the employment department

Jamie and Ollie were still messing up in this one, but I am glad that they haven't faded and that somewhere along the lines, they are intertwined into this amazing story and play their parts well. I honestly believe there is something there with Ollie's hate towards Damien, so I hope we get to clear that in the future.

It's one thing for a story to start totally centered around a character and end that way, but Claim Me isn't just about Nikki and her love for Damien. We are catapulted into both their past, maybe Damien's a little more and I definitely wouldn't be opposed to a little novella or Epilogue in his POV, as I believe that the series is now turning over more to his life than Nikki's.

This installment definitely had more inner monologues than conversation in comparison to book 1, but we see the secrets unravel in the perfect place and everything lines up for what I can only expect with be a perfect ending.

We were also once again treated to a good ending which once again left us with a lot of questions, but ended on a note that we are comfortable to wait until the next installment is released. I am a little antsy of course, but Damien in Claim Me has definitely taught me patience ;)

I refused to read the look into Complete Me before I pen this review, because I don't want to cloud my judgment in any way to give Claim Me the justice it deserves. But apparently, with the amount of reviews on Goodreads, it seems almost half the following has already read Complete Me. While I am jealous of course, I will bide my time until July 30th arrive to wrap up this amazing trilogy to see where the author takes these characters that we love so much.


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