Friday, 14 June 2013

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Tame. yes, I re-read my previous review of book 1 and sat for 1 whole minute before I came up with that one word. Tame.

Not that this story wasn't interesting or that it didn't hold my attention, but the surprise, shock value and series of events in no way compared to book 1. There was even a UFC outing scene that I am still trying to wrap my head around. Maybe it's for Rachel, I'm not sure. Will wait to see what role Seth plays in all this.

So the gangs all back. It is obvious that where as we only got a few snippets of Shane and Lia from book 1, there story has gone to sharing the spotlight with Ari and Rafe. Honestly, I would have preferred if we got Ari and Rafe out of the way first then we worked on Lia and Shane but with a promise of 6 books in this series, I guess we just have to sit and wait to see where this all ends up.

Normally, I would call it value for money, but it's mostly just confusing and unfair to co-mingle so many different stories in one, even if it is given from a narrative POV. I am not sure how long the story of Ari and Rafe will continue, but stop unnecessarily drawing out this story line for profit. Write an amazing story and let's be done with it!

Ari lost a lot of what I liked about her in book 1. While she still had fight, strength and determination and surely didn't acquiesce from an apology or sad eyes, she still faltered a lot and seemed to forget her strength and pride. But eventually she found it and I can honestly say I just want this cat and mouse game to end. It's starting to reach and get boring. The shock value is wearing off and the cliffhangers aren't that appealing anymore.

Rafe surprisingly was still a cold-hearted prick, who needed a wake up call and it seems he got it at the end of this one, if only it is scripted to last for a short time.

The characters were petulant, even Rafe, which was so out of character and not charming at all. Rafe behaving like a horny teen with a bartender was unrealistic for this story and quite frankly unnecessary.

Once again, I say I would feel much better if Lia and Shane had their own story, because even though their snippets increased and were entwined in Ari and Rafe's story, there is still so much pieces that needs to be fitted into the puzzle and quite frankly the turn of events after Vegas was surprising, and not in a  good way.

Lia has become annoying in her current pursuits or lack thereof and once again the petulance show as I am not so sure as to why they are having this fight. He did the right thing and apparently she wants to be the devil ... idk!

Rachel was once again mentioned in passing and I wonder if a story is brewing for her. It was also good that Sandra finally got a break, because that woman has had her fill of hospitals for life if you ask me.

The sex scenes didn't improve much, nor did they falter. They kept pace and even introduced new contraptions. (Literally!)

Still, I expect more from this story and it basically fell a notch down from the previous one. There was none of the unexpected, adrenaline pumping situations or conversations that we got a glimpse of last time and on top of that, a few grammatical errors were present.

I still however love this series and will go the author's website to sign up to get and update as to the release of the next book, but I really hope we get back some of that life that this book possessed, as it totally fell short this time around. It never got worse, but it didn't get better either. It sort of struggled to keep a steady pace.

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