Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Forever Too Far By Abbi Glines

Just to get this out of the way, I just wanna say what a way to hit the 60% mark!!! Surprise Surprise indeed Mrs. Glines :)

I will admit the starting of this novel didn't capture and hold me initially, and I was about to get disappointed. But eventually, the story picked up and then we hit the 60% mark and got all kinds of twisted up into unfinished and upcoming romances in Rosemary. Yes guys! value for money with this one because we get new characters and more than Blaire and Rush's POV.

Rush was totally enamored in this one and it was super cute. Even though he had his douche moments and for a while Nan tried to rule, we saw the shift as it happened and the touching moments between Blaire and Rush were so sweet I felt my teeth rotting!! You couldn't help but love them!!

Blaire was definitely the southern belle that we loved from book 1 and she totally got to be a badass momma to wrap this one up. If I was a guy I'd be blowing my load in my pants too Rush!!  Because Blaire with a gun is just damn hot!!

Except for a major but minor hick up, Blaire and Rush definitely got their HEA and rainbows throughout this novel, even with the obstacles that were thrown at them. But for once, these two got to relax and enjoy the fruits of their very hard labour to make their relationship work despite the problems they face. I loved to see them as a unit!!

We also got mixed into a lot of other stories from this series and even back tracked into Twisted Perfection to get Blaire's POV of her first meeting with Della and what happened after ... only made me love her even more!!!

We met Harlow who is a darling and from the moment she touched into Rosemary I saw Grant's story develop. (Please don't let me down Abbi!!)

Also, I must thank Ms. Glines for stealthily reassuring me as to what happened following Wood's news at the end of Twisted Perfection and then going as far as to give us intimate scenes with the two that only leads me starving for the follow up ... you must be a very busy woman at the moment with so many awesome stories in the work!!!

The sex scenes were ... let's just say you read this book for the summer vibe and flirty scenes. The dirty talk is corny and the sex scenes are better left out, but these great characters make up for it with their messed up lives and problems a mile long.

I adored the scene before the exchanging of vows. It was heartfelt, sentimental and definitely what I expected from this new Rush. It gave a new meaning to their relationship and I felt everything Blaire was feeling then. Thoughtful didn't even come close. And while I love 'I won't give up' by Jason Mraz, I felt Rush's song was fitting and it's good to have an actual reference on itunes .. can't wait to check it out!!

More secrets were revealed and we even got a flavour of the LA life as well as solve some underlying problems throughout this series. It was filled with love, happiness, angst, apprehension and so much more. We got a whole lot more than I expected and I was glad that we got to go through the pregnancy and delivery with Blaire. It was a great ending for Blaire and Rush's story and I have a feeling we will be seeing glimpses of them in upcoming novels from this series but they get to kick back and relax for a well deserved vacation.

I literally got  the title for the book at the end of this one but I totally get it and agree!! Thanks again for a great novel from an awesome series ... sitting by the clock for the follow ups.


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