Thursday, 13 June 2013

Broken Hart By Ella Fox

Dear Lord!!! hmmm ... It is safe to say this was really really bad written porn!!!  I mean no one speaks like that during sex!! Some are so corny I was embarrassed for them myself!!! I don't think I have ever read a book and roll my eyes this much. Like who think up these things?!?!

These two went at it like rabbits and honestly, I never even felt their connection. The one thing I give the author props for his Dante's stamina!! It definitely outruns most fictional men. And that, makes the really bad porn scenes seem more realistic sex. (Contradictions all around!!)

Still, we get the most serious relationship conversations while he was pounding into her or just went in waiting to begin. Like who speaks two full paragraph while hard inside your bed buddy??? You having sex or making a speech???

This book is full of so many grammatical errors it's unbelievable!! You don't need an editor to just re-read your work or put it in Microsoft Word or something so you can pick up on some of these obvious errors!!
The characters even forgot what they were doing ... have me shouting ... "You weren't reading, you were watching the T.V.!!"

The dialogue is terrible and nothing like how two friends should or would speak to each other. I am rolling my eyes like crazy once again. And when we aren't subjected to really bad dialogue, the female protagonist just speaks for everyone else.
There are 9 characters in total that are introduced in this novel and we have only ever heard directly from 4!! yes, 4!! because two are the love interest, one is his brother and one is her sister.

I am surprised that you are suppose to have this tight knit loving family and never once do you hear the sisters speak directly. You'd think they were mute.

And if all that wasn't bad enough, throw in the cliches and you have the perfect, awful romance/porn novel.

Sabrina is ... sigh ... I don't even know. She could have been a good character if the story was written better and if she refrain from speaking during sex! When I wasn't rolling my eyes, I was laughing at the silly things she kept saying.

Also, I could have swear that in the final sex scene we were getting a marketing slogan for men and the use of anal plugs ... like hello!! o.O

Dante was angry all the time and I didn't even believe his tortured soul facade. The dude want to get some without putting in the work of  a relationship and blames it on his messed up parents. Like dude seriously? ... get a grip and some morals!!

I don't remember if I saw a 5 star review for this but if there is, you are a liar!!!!!! This shouldn't even get a star!

I am pretty sure there will be a follow up book, maybe more than one and I am certain as to what will happen. It will be about Damien and Brooke and the cliches, sex and bad conversations will roll on!! So it's safe to say I wont be part taking in this festival!!

Good luck with the rest of this series, because book 1 is utter rubbish!!!

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