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The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 1 - 4 by Latrivia S. Nelson

I just can't get enough  of this family!!

I love how even though we were back tracking to Dmitry's past, with the beginning of each volume, we got snippets of life after 'Saving Anya'. So much has happened and it's nice to be kept in the loop.

I have decided to summarize the first st of volumes, 1-4 as they are rather short but spicy :)

Volume 1

Short, sweet and spicy beginnings. It so much like how I pictured Dmitry. He is stronger than I imagined and his initial story broke my heart for him. He really did fight for all he's got

Always love being in the mind of Dmitry and this story was not without Ivan's input. I actually feel something for Ivan. I really wanna find out where it completely went wrong for him, because regardless of his psychopath ways, he had it hard too and it showed. Before he left Moscow, he had a little humanity left. I wonder where it all went wrong.

It was the perfect start to Dmitry' s beginnings. Couldn't have asked for it to be any better! Foundation was definitely the theme of this volume.

Volume 2

Well, well, well ... and we have found the initial catalyst of Ivan' s hatred of all things Dmitry!

It seems regardless of the era, women scorned are known trouble!

I love the development of this story so far and Dmitry reminds me of Anatoly in this volume. From his thoughts to his spoken words. Anatoly might not have the height, but he sure has the mind of Dmitry Medlov!

I am glad that we got a view into Catherine and Emma, and while I love Royal, I am glad he found Catherine. I thought I would resent her even though I am aware it's the past, but I have the opposite effect and I love to see the characters grow and develop even if it's bad.

Dmitry' s honesty knows no bounds and goes to show the change when he met Royal, because he is nothing like he used to be. It showed growth, change, and true love.

At first I was skeptical about this being written after, but I think this order is best as we get to make comparisons and solve questions we still had at the end of the first series.

His arrangement with Catherine was distasteful at best, but the emotions and motions that are set and distributed throughout this volume is marvelous and on point. It hit all the right spots!

Volume 3

And the enemies have arrived. We are now seeing Dmitry' s rise and the allies and enemies that are being made.

I am still on team Ivan and can't believe the vile creature he became because the boy had a semi good side. I guess what happened to Arie was the final straw. Still, that girl was trouble from the beginning and reading this now just has me shouting at them to get rid of her before she ends them all. Once again ... women!

This series keep developing and progressing better than I could have expected. I am trying to remember if Elsa was in the previous series, but I like her and hope she doesn't betray Dmitry.

I am also glad to see David playing such an active role also as he was an ever present shadow in the Medlov Crime Family series.

Even Dorian is present in this one and I am glad we are getting all the foundation to strengthen this great series.

Volume 4

Without a doubt, the killing of Evgeny Smirnov was more hilarious than serious. I wish we had a little more time with the man because he is remarkable! If only he wasn't such a ruthless deviant I can just imagine the force of strength that could have been harnessed between him and his son/cousin ... yes I am convinced that Ivan is his cousin and not his brother ... honestly, they should have confirmed before they killed the old man.

Dmitry's rise to power and how he acquired it was fascinating to witness. Dmitry killing is so graceful it's like the ballet ... I swear it's an art form!

Why isn't this a TV series or a movie or supn!!! I so wanna watch these men. They are powerful, mesmerizing and so much more on just black and white ... can imagine colour?!

This volume really helps to show you where allegiances are switched and change is every changing like the time of day.

In less that five years, these men are on top of ... well everything!

I am pinching myself waiting for characters we know and love to enter the scene and to see Dmitry strive in his empire.

We have the best seat in the house!!! :)


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