Thursday, 27 June 2013

Knight By Kristen Ashley

I'm not gonna lie when I say that I am terribly disappointed in this story because it was written by Kirsten Ashley and I loved, totally loved The Gamble!!!
I realize she has a thing for writing about extremely dominant manly men, and that's why I gravitated towards this novel.

I was also shocked at the semi false advertising, as I expected a dual POV or Knight's POV based on the summary, but instead I got none of that.

I got anxious at times but it seems for no good reason, because the outcome was less than stellar. It's like Anya didn't have an ounce of back bone in her ... the girl could be a submissive maybe even a slave if given the chance. She is too pliant ... in bed, ok ... but life?? .. win some battles miss!

All I learnt about Knight is that he is a controlling man with a crazy family and astounding side job! I get what it was suppose to symbolize, but the fact that he grew up so personally with it and it affected him dearly, he should have never got involve!!
It was the furthest thing from my mind, that when we introduced to his other job, I couldn't believe it because it was the the last thing I expected. Then his phenomenal sharing and messed up logic just killed it for me and the fact Anya just swallowed it up made me mad and just give up on the bunch!

I understand for a man as dominant as Knight to stand his ground and beliefs and so I found it hot when he decided about holidays and commitments. He might not be the sweetest of them all, but he knew the words to say in every situation and his acts of love were rough around more than the edges, but they were so him that you love them anyway! ... I love a character that stays true to themselves, and Knight did.

There was no rush, thrill and direct drama in this novel, unless being cultivated by Sandrine (nice name btw ...). I think we lived like how Knight wanted it, peaceful and without attention. If it wasn't for the few antics of Sandrine, we would have nothing. And the characters recounted those events so fast that they almost lost their meaning or impact.

This is not the BDSM book that you make it out or want it to be. Honestly, I even felt like Mrs. Ashley was shy or skittish when it came to the sex scenes. I am not one to complain about that as I loved the length and directness of these scenes, but for someone who expected all out BDSM sex ... it's vanilla with a hint of chocolate syrup!

Honestly, I don't even know why it was mention as a BDSM book, because YA novels have more action than the sex scenes in this novel.I guess it was the commands and submission ... honestly don't know.

We span around 2 years in this novel and a whole lot of things happened that seemed unrealistic and some very important meetings were omitted. Honestly, it never felt like two years to me by time we got to the epilogue. I still had so many questions, one being who is Creed and why wasn't he mentioned in book 1 but staring book 2 ... like idk ...

Still, I read this book in a  whole day so to my psyche it couldn't have been that bad or maybe it's Mrs. Ashley's literary genius despite a barely attempted submissive novel. I love Mrs. Ashley for her long novels that are normally really good that you don't mind, and I found that again in this aspect, but I would have loved some life to be pumped into this book to take it somewhere great. Hopefully it gets better.

P.S. Totally clueless as to the title of the series ... no clue why he is an unfinished hero ... we never got his POV not once unless from Anya.

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