Saturday, 1 June 2013

My Side By Tara Brown

So as to not get confused, let me start off by saying that this was a terribly written, executed and constructed story.

Still, I kept on reading. This story seemed more a joke than a serious novel and surprisingly I finished. But with all that being said, I loved the characters and how no one was afraid to call out each other when they were wrong.

Drama, drama and more drama. Every inch is laced with drama and Erin is so selfish I'm surprised she didn't die of a heart attack at 24 due to her continuous theatrics. The girl was a walking time bomb!!

I loved the premise of the story, but only wish it was written better as it could have been an awesome novel instead of a comedy filled failure. I believe with the right direction, and structure, this could have thrived. Even makes me wanna pen a story with the same plot in mind. There are so much things that could have enhanced this story and I saw them staring right at us, but they were never incorporated.

The laughs were present and I loved the realness of all the characters, even when situations and solutions were unbelievable. I believe these two traits and the forwardness of all the characters is what kept me with this one.

Loved Lochlan (unique name btw ... props for that!) ... from the beginning there was a certain vibe about him. Despite is crappy choice nearing the end, which is totally understandable if I was courting Erin, he's a great character and I am sorry we didn't even get the epilogue in his POV as I would love to get a peek into his mind.

Hated the cliche ending and wanted more for these two as I don't believe their story should have ended the way it did. Especially the way Erin worked hard when it came school. She deserved more. She was too ambitious to get that ending.

Speaking of Erin, when you strip away the drama and selfishness, she is a fierce potty mouthed protagonist and I loved her!! She spoke her mind and carry a certain flair I never expected. She wasn't a naughty girl, but she wasn't shy either. She held just the right amount of balance.

Danny (always loved this name) was a great addition even if he got minor parts. Surprised as to his hook up in the end, as I would love to see him stay single, or better yet, (thought literally just came to mind) ... give him a book. With his accomplishments, it should be awesome. Still not sure about Lise though.

Gerry my darling!!! Loved his character. He wasn't your usual gay character. Actually, none of the gay characters in this book were normal. They were all great though and I loved spending time with them.

I can honestly say that this story had potential and had a great cast of characters, with important themes that aren't usually highlighted in this genre of novels. It wasn't just about love, it was about family, health, acceptance and so much more.

Glad I gave this one a try, even if it technically tanked!

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