Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Captive in the Dark By C.J. Roberts

First off, I wanna thank the author for that very thoughtful note at the ending of this novel that allows us to understand why this story was made into a trilogy.
Even though it doesn't affect me based on when I picked up the trilogy ... as they say, it's the thought that counts!

Now, expectation can be a bitch, because all the reviews had me expecting so much more. Either I am getting insensitive to violence or this story just didn't seem as bad as I first thought it would be.

I admit that Caleb is as sick and twisted as they come, and he has this underlying vibe about him that I don't get from most male characters in these roles. He is raw, primal and revel in pain, pleasure and everything in between. He taught me a lot, and not just about different ways of pleasuring either, it was life lessons.

He made me wanna be bad and I love him when he was bad. He brought something different to the table and drew out some unnatural needs and wants as I read. I wanted him to be the worse ever, I wanted to watch him have sex and hear him let go!

I swear everything in this book was  heightened for me. It's like I read it with a blindfold on. (o.O) I got a completely different vibe from everything. Even when he was butchering into Tiny I wanted more. I could see the guys cheering him on and I loved every minute of it. In essence, this book made me feel like a deranged lunatic and I honestly wasn't excited or drawn to read every page of it ... the contrast is boggling! I wanted to know more, but I could do without while mean time I don't wanna let up ... I was going in circles!

Olivia had just the right balance. She wasn't too submissive but she wasn't a raging lunatic either. She handled herself well and I honestly believe despite the initial action of Caleb, that she is the right one for this job.

I am not certain as to an undying love connection yet, but I can see these two having consensual, earth shattering sex, and that's a much more real and expected situation for me. It would continue with the vibe this book portrays and at the current pace.
I love their banter too much for it to stop now, and once again I love Caleb's depravity as it relates to the things that turn him on.

This story while I am sure is similar to a lot, is new for me as I have never read a book about slaves of this magnitude or better yet, ones raised for pleasure. However, if I had to start, I am glad it was this one.
It wasn't superficial or force. It all felt so real and vivid that I had a  straight face when reading this one. It wasn't that I didn't like it, it's more the intensity of not knowing what will happen next or why something is happening. It all changes so fast and once it grabs you, it holds you and never wants to release you.

I love the insight that we got into Caleb's past, because without them, it would be hard to summon any remorse or other emotion for him. It held him in a different light that even though you understand and feel for him, you still understand that he is the bad guy, and that for me is very important. I hate when lines start to blur, especially too fast.

The other quality with this novel, is that while I was reading it, it didn't capture me or have me running to share my experience with my fellow readers, but now I am seeing that it must have been the severity and coldness of it all. Because once I started writing my review, I felt so much things that I never even knew was there or felt while reading it ... it kind of just creeps up on you.

The change at the end of this novel with both Liv and Caleb's POV makes for an interesting continuation, and once again, if not for that thoughtful note at the end of this novel, and the fact I am just reading this series, I might have been disgruntled as to the cut off point. Too abrupt for me.

With that being said though, I had to relay what might be one of the best lines and parts in the book, once again, when the shift occur. I had to highlight and re-read as well as laugh at this line:  "What I meant to say is: no pussy's that good. Though yours does come close" ... best line in the whole damn book if you ask me!

It's not much, but it's a good one to me.

I can't wait to continue this series to see the changes ahead and see where this journey will take these two broken and tortured souls who are definitely making each other better, even if they don't know it.


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