Friday, 21 June 2013

Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen By Latrivia S. Nelson

Another good one!! This book is like a television series. It might not be the best written, but it keeps you interested and the final 5% of the novel is always sure to be a good one!

You can definitely see the development in this story were writing, twist and characters are concerned. Everyone is growing into their own and branching off. The players are changing and the twists and secrets are no longer revealed until time.

Dmitry seemed more human and manly in this novel as he and Royal, or should I say Chloe, are now facing regular day to day relationship problems with the usual life of crime added and being parents. It was nice to see them disheveled as their make-ups rival most.

Well, we watched Royal turned into the complete opposite of the naive girl that graced us in Dmitry's closet and then to a place in between. With the help of her husband, she overcome so much that I kind of dread book 4 as I just want this half of the family at least to have a break.

Still, she came into her own and I really want to see where this will all take us in books to come as I love this new and improved Royal, even with her scars.

Dmitry continued to cross lines all over the place and I loved that their banter was still present and most importantly, they're love showed. I finally understood them as lovers and felt their passion and desire for each other.

The realness that I came to love with this series was still evident and I was glad for that. They weren't blinded by love this time. They also weren't blind to other's charms, and they didn't act out on their attractions like bunnies ... or at least Royal didn't

I was also pleased that Dmitry hadn't lost his touch. He was still Vor when the time came. Love hadn't soften him over time nor did it cloud his judgment and intuition. The man is on point like a decimal! (thnx for the quote B.O.B)

Anatony was still there but he swayed up and down on my meter for him. At times he was his awesome self getting me going with his Russian authority, and then at times I felt his weakness and hated him for doubting what he had become. He is one of those characters who is god at being bad and should stay that way.

Anya was a welcome addition and I wish all the best for her in her book to come. She was an intelligent and witty girl and I really hope we could have gotten close to her under better circumstances. I would love to see her grown up. All of them actually!

It was a royal flush indeed with that surprise from Royal in the end. I can honestly say that I didn't expect it. I was totally falling for her routine also. This story stayed true to it's roots and while the violence and schemes were not as much and dynamic as in book 1, it held it's own and the final showdown while not as intricate and depressing as the last, was surely a good one.

On to book 3 I go to dive deeper into the men of the Medlov family!

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