Monday, 24 June 2013

Sound Bites: A Rock & Roll Love Story By Rachel K. Burke

Sound bites was not a good book in my opinion. Even with a cliche everything, it could have still been better executed.

Dylan is a confusing character at times, or maybe its the situations that we find ourselves in. He does give us some laughs throughout and I swear the boy is one road away from having tourettes.

Still, I guess that was suppose to be his difference from your usual characters. The straightforwardness and overall bad mannerisms. It's like he was disrespectful for fun. Sometimes I honestly believe he thought his actions were right or maybe he just didn't care all around.

Renee ... at least she wasn't stressing over a failed relationship. She seemed more angry than your usual female character and she never fawn over the ex on his return. She was totally in charge and handled it well ... or at least the conversation that is. Still, procrastination was her middle name and that became annoying quick.

This book started out as a blast from the past and unfortunately, the characters kept the emotional level of 14 year olds. The language, conversations, and decisions were childish and in the end parts of this novel, she decided to start talking like a teenager while he was acting like a spoiled one.

There was no structure. It's bad enough that it takes 60% into the book before they finally get together and it seemed all was going well until Dylan's clueless part tourettes kicked in and his nonchalant behaviour lead to one thing and her liquor consumption lead to another.

Next thing we know, the book is spiraling into a nose dive of crappy situations and decisions and by magic! (Because what else could it be), they were back together and then the cliches tumbled down hill and the story ended with two of the most unrealistic and cliche situations, portrayal and everything in between.

We also had the unfortunate pleasure of being stuck in Renee' s head more than having dialogues. She bounced from past to present and she still couldn't get it right.
Still, I honestly preferred her blasts from the past as they were the most excitingly written, followed by Dylan's banters with her.

Also, for a rock and roll love story, we had minimal rock and roll sightings or mentions. Mostly just angry rants and a couple Jeff Buckley songs. Rock and roll wasn't even the basis of their relationship so I honestly don't get the title. Muse was constantly mentioned in passing but that was it. Nice book cover though, so it wasn't all a fail.

I knew not when their love connection started, nor how it was fixed when it was broken. It was mostly secret looks passing between the two and I guess the author felt no need for us to know more than them looking in each other's eyes.

The minor characters were ... minor. And after awhile, they just faded until they weren't even mention again. It's like they just carved them out in the end.

I had real high hopes got this book, based on the synopsis and what seemed to be a good start, but then Renee met Dylan and it slowly spiraled into a sub par novel.

This could have been so much better because even with potential tourettes, I like Dylan's character the most and he's what kept me reading until he started behaving like a child.

Good enough story line, but poor execution!

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