Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Before Now By Cheryl McIntyre

Before now, I can honestly say I never gave much thought to Park as a character, because he was only mentioned in passing in 'Sometimes Never' after the break up happened, and honestly ... he was a tool!
But still, I always thought he was thoroughly wronged and the prologue to this book broke my heart for him. It was a brilliant start that kicked off the book on a good note and totally helped to clarify the character that is Park.

I loved Park in this novel, he was real and even though he was still a tool, I liked him as one and really wish he had kept at least some of that bad boy charm, as it definitely suit him. I love when he was around and when we got his POV. He was so easy to fall in love with and I can't wrong Lucy because the guy is a gem!!

Speaking of the angel, Lucy Lu was a great character. I loved her hippie and love all POV and how her character was written and portrayed. She was all natural and we weren't bombarded with the vanity of being a college student. You couldn't help but love her and Park together and for that I am saddened by the fate that was bestowed upon them, as I would have loved more for both characters than the many cliches that closed these amazing characters.

The gang was all back in this one and I even found myself not wanting Mason and Hope there to rain in on the Park and Lucy parade. Still, I tolerated them and also saw them in a different light. I guess that saying about walking in someone else's shoe was spot on!!

As proverbs go, Bree had the most. And even though we finally got some insight into the character that is Jessie that was only spoken about in passing, he and Bree made good supporting characters. They weren't all moody or overly happy in love and that created a really good balance with the story of Park and Lucy.

The mentioning of Park's rules and Lucy's list was a fun little change from the usual vibe of this series and I loved watching the list being edited throughout the book. I must say also ... They were some mighty good rules too. Even the bad ones.

It was good to have new characters introduced to the book and flashbacks to the past. We also got some clarity on a few happenings from book 1, like the break up and the car crash. I was surprised that death was incorporated into this book and even more so that it was lightly portrayed. I believe it had no place in this novel especially with the barely there effort that was placed in the happenings.

A bad experience could have occurred with other situations except for death.

Still, this was another great book in the 'Sometimes Never' series and it was done in it's own way with no resemblance to 'Sometimes Never' and that was a feat in itself and thoroughly welcomed. It made it seem more like Before Now instead of Sometimes Never book 2.

With that being said, I am a little disappointed that the next book is gonna be back tracking into High School territory with Kellin and Misty, as I totally thought it would be Chase and Annie's turn next, but still, I can't wait for the next one in this awesome series!

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