Sunday, 23 June 2013

Saving Anya By Latrivia S. Nelson

Wow ... I am definitely sad to see this series go. Still, I believe that it was done justice and I am glad I got the opportunity to share in this story.

We lost a few of our own in this one and even though necessary, still made me sad. This story was written to pull you in and make you feel like a apart of the family, so a loss from the family affected us also.

The grammatical errors rolled on as usual in vast amounts and the broken English that usually accompanied this novel to give it a more Russian feel was missing and I didn't like that fact at all. It's what contributed to the realness and difference of the book. But now it seems everyone is speaking proper English even Anatoly.

Even though the focus was about saving the big baby of the family, we still got our individual Medlov men fix and even though I was so anxious, I had to skip to the end just to make sure they came out alive before I continue reading, I was still glad that we got to catch up with everyone and see the changes as they happened.

Surprisingly, I connected with each and every one of the characters in this one. Where as before I couldn't place my feelings for them, I got it right this time and I wonder if it's the situation or deliberate on the part of the author ... or maybe it's my own epiphany. Either way, Anya brought more than the family together.

As usual the situations, scenes and confrontation were meticulously conveyed down to a T and I have never seen such finer story telling as it relates to combat, negotiation and confrontation. Dmitry was king and Gabriel and Anatoly were like a sexy pair of assassins.

As usual, the final fight scene was mellow with a side of excitement. It wasn't over the top or understated. It had the right balance and was executed wonderfully.

With all that was happening, we still got our laughs and once again the narrative was on point. This book could have never been told in any other way and even when we spent more time discussing the happenings than having dialogues, it was the right move and kept me interested until my eyes couldn't stay open anymore.

I was pleased that all the characters kept the traits we loved about them. Especially Anatoly. He was the most important in keeping character for me and he did just that. If ever there was an award for realness, Anatoly would get it, because nothing changed him. Not even a potential wife and kid on the way. He was Anatoly from book 1, just grown with a lot more calm.

Gabriel's transition was done wonderfully also and to add more reality to the novel, he kept his cause despite the pressures and requirements. He felt no need to fill a mold and closed off the book a better Gabriel with his reservations still in tact. Lust never blinded him and commitment never scared or bind him. He did himself and no one else!

The ladies were together and add that element that they always possessed. Briggy confused me a lot in this installment as she seem to be unable to pick a Medlov. Security is a wench I guess!

I was surprised that Anya got some time for herself also out of this novel and while I am not sure if this traumatized her, she was still a strong rock and better than many women . If I was to ever have a child, I would love for them to be like Anya especially at age 5.

Dmitry was a completely different character than what we have read across the series. I wonder if this is what he will be like when I embark on his chronicles. If so, I can't wait!

The man was a force to be reckoned with and everything he did, he did with finesse, grace and understated  elegance. The man was beyond an enigma and even in his mind he made me tremble.
He definitely changed to get this task completed. He was not Dmitry Medlov father and husband, he was a Czar and boy was it hot!!

I loved this book just as much as the others and it is right there with Anatoly's story with regards to ranks.

Great series about family, love, retribution, fear and so much more. Secrets were still there and even being created as we read. It was a triple threat in a wrapped up treat.

I could totally see this book as a television series. Someone should pick up the rights. It's not the Sopranos, it's the Medlov's!

P.S. Nice ease into Agosto's story.

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