Sunday, 2 June 2013

Driven By K. Bromberg

Great book cover .... everything else is ... I don't even know.

I have read this book in it's entirety and I still have a million questions and didn't have much drive (Pun not intended) to finish except for seeing 100% on my kindle.

I honestly don't know what's going on or what path we are going down. I seriously don't know what to feel. I don't .... sigh .... ahmmm ... wow.

The characters ... Rylee confuses me and I believe that if given the POV of Colton, we could have gone a long way. As is, I know nothing about him and I guess that's the way that the author wants to keep it but throw us a bone here!!!!

As far as I am concerned though, the girl needs a backbone or maybe two. She is living this crazy relationship in her mind while no one knows what is going on in his his!!!

Colton, he's an enigma through ad through. I loved the powerful strike of his character in the beginning, and then he just kinda fell of the wagon and stayed there. He has his redeeming qualities, but because we are only given the basics as to who he his, we never really got to connect with this character. We have read an entire book and we are still in the first chapters as to who he is. A little character development never hurt anybody.

I am uncertain as to what was to capture and set us on fire because the series of events were frustrating and unnecessarily long. The sex was good enough but other points that I think would be elaborated on were ...... sigh. I swear too many times were spent on these basic sex scenes.

Honestly, it's one of the few times where I'm not sure if I want the heroine to end up with the hero. He seems to be a little self righteous and annoying in his broodiness and is a complete jerk if you ask me. Because he is obviously not an idiot and he is sober. So there is no excuse for his behavior if you as me. Plus, his sister is obviously a rhymes with witch. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure what she sees there that makes her go back for the abuse, nurturing instinct or not.

I liked the beginning and it had me hopeful and rearing for more, but after the charity, it dropped tempo and kept on dropping. Then it was like ... ok ... waiting for it ... but it just never came!

I was surprised as to the ending of this book and thoroughly disappointed. If you wanna have a cliffhanger, then by all means, do you!!! But smooth it out a little for God sakes! Like ... c'mon! what was that Ms. Bromberg!!!!

I loved her job and the kids at the home, as its not your usual job but honestly, I would prefer to spend it with the kids than these two messed up individuals. One likes to hurt and one likes to take it.

However, I did love the scene when Rylee recalled her traumatic experience. It was beautifully written and totally had the right mood and pace. Also, the experience was a similar but different situation than most novels. Gotta say that was a high point for me.

Still, hardly got much depth or understanding from a book with so many secrets and corners. If only we didn't just turn one out of the many. Also, it would have been nice to at least know what Ace means. Just saying! Give us something, because too much loose ends even for a series.

Oh well ... maybe on the next one ...

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