Friday, 21 June 2013

Dmitry's Closet By Latrivia S. Nelson

I liked this one very much. I must say it was heavy on the broken English. I thought that feature would be for the Russians of the novel, but whether your Russian are not, the story was narrated with a lot of it that had me wondering if it's just really bad grammatical errors, the author is a Russian trying to write an English novel or if it was just to get the Russian feel of the story. It was annoying, but eventually I just ignored it and find that it didn't bother me as much eventually.

Dmitry was an all around character. He had suave, finesse and surprisingly humour. I loved his back and forth banter with Royal and how he wasn't afraid to step over the line even when it could cost him.

Royal as a character is surprisingly a confusing one for me, because while the story started out with more her POV. It soon turned into the men of the Vor. Better yet, the Medlov men. As such, I never really got to see much about her or get to build and fall in love with this character as we did with Dmitry and Anatoly.

I loved the character of Anatoly, even if he hardly spoke. He was just that character that you love. His broken English was the best and I love his straightforwardness. Honestly, I can't wait to read his story, because he's hot and I really wanna see what's in that head.

While a good set of characters and twist all around, initially I was skeptical about this book, as the beginnings were rushed and I felt like I didn't even know when they fell for each other and so I didn't feel their connection. I ended this book still not moved, but not as skeptic as when I began

However, it kept a steady pace and the last 5% was definitely the best, with surprises and twist that you both expected and was shocked to find out. It's never a dull moment in this book.

It seems that nothing was what it seems in this novel and every turn you made, someone was lying, scheming or just plain up to something. The introduction of Ivan was ... interesting to say the least. He brought another element to the novel and ended the book with an unimaginable crime. I definitely didn't expect that for the lead female of a novel.

Normally, we read about Italian Mafia's, so it was a nice turn of events to take it from the Russians end and not only that, but to be in the inner workings of the top. Either Ms. Nelson is Russian, or she did really good research into the Russian mafia, as it was nothing like Italian mob novels and that gave this novel an up. Loyalty for the Russians it seems is few and scant and this book portrayed it well.

I was glad to finally get a list of the codes that we followed to a T throughout the book, especially right before the pseudo-epilogue. Kind of help me to understand what Dmitry was rambling about all the time.

Another thing I was glad for, is that even though there were loose ends all over, this book didn't end as a cliffhanger and could have totally been complete there. Still, I don't mind reading another book in this series as I love the Medlov men!

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