Saturday, 1 June 2013

12 Rounds By Lauren Hammond

I like this book, there is something about the inner monologues of these three main characters that I like.

I must say that conversations are few and apart, and when it got down to the last 80% of the book, too much was happening to fast, but still, it wasn't a bad read.

Initially, I thought the pace was so slow, because we had passed the 75% mark and these two were still skirting around each other, but then I felt a certain zen as to the peace the characters bring, and glad that it wasn't rushed. It felt more real that way.

Loved the characters of Hadlee and Sean even Connie seeing as how he kicked off the story. He might be an evil bastard, but there is something about him that you latch on to and I believe that his inner monologues help a lot on that front.

Teagan .... hmm ... we didn't really spend much time with her as a character, but I have a feeling that 13 rounds is gonna be a very interesting one as she might be the catalyst for all the drama to come.

Sean's character is awesome. Even if he spends a lot of time creating jokes in his mind (Seany in the corner ... priceless!), but it just seems that inner monologues is the theme for this story. One again, I don't mind as much as I think I would.
I love the realness of his character and the loyalty and sensibility that regardless that he knows things are wrong, his level of self preservation is stronger and I am glad for a reprieve from the usual bad guy trying to turn hero. He is comfortable in laying the bed he has made and while strange, I embrace it.

Hadlee is a great character, I am surprised that her fears didn't become annoying, but I place that on the strength she still had but didn't realize. She was frail and weak, but to a point and I love her reasoning and how she never thought to be selfish once. She kept so much together without noticing it.

I must admit this was a chill story and never brought the harshness that I expected. It was smooth around the edges and that was surprising. I am also surprised that even thought it was 'THE" fight, we only got one fight from the entire book, and we never even got to experience it from the fighters POV. Still, the bathroom scene with Lara and Hadlee after, was hilarious!!

I disagree that this book won't be a memorable one, because I was drawn in from the first funeral scene. It might have not packed a punch or left a lot of lasting memories, but it held it's own and wasn't as terrible a read as I expected from other reviews.

While I don't like cliffhangers, I believe that due to the chill tone of this novel, I will patiently wait. Still, it's a little annoying that there isn't any where to make a note of something to remember you as to the new release date as obviously November 2012 has passed and still nothing. Heard it will be out this year, so I look forward to that.

With that being said, I can safely say that if you just wanna relax with a book with not too much drama while the atmosphere tingles with outstanding issues, this is the one for you.

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