Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Forever of Ella and Micha By Jessica Sorensen

Totally not knocking this story or anything but I believe that this book wasn't necessary and could have been a novella, similar to Blackbird by Cheryl McIntyre.

It was basically Emma working through her crazy mind and dragging Micha through the ringer while he remained being  the awesome human being he has always been and continue to be. I really wish we could have get his POV in the epilogue also.

While I love these two characters, Ella started to annoy me and therefore eventually Micha. But I guess that's the point. To show the love they have regardless of the maddening circumstances. Still, I couldn't hate them too long because I love their relationship that's full of surrounding drama but completely drama free when they get to just be alone in their own little bubble.

If you liked book 1, then you would like this one also. There was once again that comfort level, as we basically got to see Ella and Micha work out this weird thing they have that they call a relationship.

There were downfalls and a lot of bumps on the road, but it was done with as little drama as is possible, to keep us entertained and not bordering on annoyed.

I am glad that almost all the characters from Book 1 were incorporated in some way, and we once again got a few flashbacks to life with Ella and Micha before she ran away.

Still, there wasn't much depth to this novel and I believe that has to do with the fact that it didn't need to be a 300 page novel but a 150 at most novella could suffice if it could have been written with enough power and edited so that it wasn't rushed nor stretched as while this novel wasn't rushed, it was stretched. I found a lot of scenes and scenarios unnecessary and if edited out of the story, wouldn't make a difference.

I love how the story was kept real and there was no drastic change for anyone. If any change was made, it was done gradually and we wouldn't be surprised by the change when it finally occurred. It's as if were were treated like we were Ella. Nothing to scare us off, moderation and notification was definitely present.

Even though it didn't capture me enough to have me stealing time to get it done, it was a comfortable read and I am always up for some Micha. He has a way to make everything better. The sun could rise and set with this guy and I really hope he gets his HEA. Looking forward to a glimpse or mention in 'The Temptation of Lila and Ethan'

I also loved that there was no need to expound on Micha's musical career. Strange I know, but I liked the realness it presented as this story is all about foundation and building and if we were to skip chapters and find out he made it big, that would have been out of character and deduct from this story that we know and love. Therefore, it was left with just enough promise and not as a cliffhanger or feeling like an unfinished story. It was content and with Lila and Ethan's story in the works, I know I haven't seen the last of these two.

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