Thursday, 13 June 2013

Because of Low By Abbi Glines

Because of Low is one of those series books that even though the first book was totally a major turn off, the book 2 is good enough that your glad you didn't give up on the series. The irony of it all is that I just finished reading Broken Hart by Ella Fox and was gonna brush that series aside. But books like Because of Low makes me second guess myself a little ... but then again, there is only one Abbi Glines and she's a genius at PG-13 romance.

Because of Low started out great for me. The initial introduction was funny and quirky and with the way this summer is scorching I definitely felt the summer heat in this one. However, it maintained a steady level throughout, even though 1% in the book I guessed the climax even before it happened.

I loved Willow. She was a great girl. She got on my nerves sometimes with her abandonment issues and at times I wanted to agree with her that yes she wasn't good enough for Marcus, but in the end I got off my high horse and gave them my blessing :)

Marcus is awesomeness personified and I would love to have some of that in my life!!! Yes, he did jump to conclusions and mess things up, but I can understand being angry and acting out. Otherwise, he was thoughtful, caring, loving and patient. He was almost perfect ;)

I was glad that everyone was still present in this installment, including Jax and Sadie. Even if I didn't care much for their story. It was also good to see the guys and finally see into the friendship that they had, based on the glimpse we got in Breathe.

Cage ... hmmm ... I love his character maybe even a little bit more than Marcus. I am torn as to if he was to get a book whether I would want him to remain as he is or change for the right girl. There is something about him that is just real, raw and passionate. Yeh, the guy is a total tool but he also had this side that even if he only shows it to Low, it's a really good one and I would love to seem him get some peace too.

I believe this was a nice, sweet, summer read that while it wasn't mind blowing, it carried the exact vibe that a book of this genre needed. It was light, fresh and level throughout. Even when things were going down, you saw the hope and and unnecessary tension and angst was never present.

Abbi managed to convey love and passion without cliche conversations and ridiculous over the top sex scenes. It was all done with taste and finesse and you felt the connection as everything built. It wasn't too slow or too fast it held pace.

I'd totally read another book from this series and I am glad that I didn't allow Breathe to turn me away because I would be disappointed not to have stumbled upon the awesome story of Low and Marcus.

P.s. Loved the cover!!!

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