Thursday, 27 June 2013

Epilogue By C.J. Roberts

Interactive. This was the most interactive book in the series. It was taken from Caleb/James POV and he was talking more to us the fans than the other characters or himself.

It was a very whimsical adaptation of a novel or novella. It wasn't your conventional novel or book. It seemed more like a behind the scenes into the thought process of C.J. Roberts.

Still, Epilogue cut our characters, especially Caleb, raw and exposed every nook and cranny of his mind. Yes it picked up in Spain at their first meeting, but it back tracked a lot and that helped to quell most questions we wanted answers for. The tease of more didn't go unnoticed and because I love C.J. Stephens writing so much, I trust her if she every decide to give us one more adventure ... keep Rubio and Claudia out of it though :) ... can't go tainting every one!

Everyone who was anyone was present and accounted for, including Agent Reed. Even though we didn't get much dialogue from him.

Caleb kept his cunning wits and nothing changes about him personality wise ... once again, I am thrilled with this prospect because I always believe that if your gonna be bad, be bad with a purpose (gotta a little Vampire Diaries there) :)
He also reiterated his virility and manhood repeatedly through this novel and let us know that even though he has found love, he was still Caleb.

Also, I was surprised that Caleb was full of so much sarcasm. The times spent in his mind was hilarious and his views on Rubio throughout the novel were extremely funny! He never thought much of Claudia either, but they grew on him ... like fungus and I was glad to see him in this element. He kept himself while becoming a new person.

There story was real! I am glad he also pointed out that love for and with him is both dangerous and to the point. He might love you, but he won't be abused by you and that was an even more important lesson throughout all the books of this series I believe.

We didn't get into Olivia/Sophia's mind, but I am glad to see her progress and to see her finally find her place. She was more confident, secure and dare I say a force to be reckon with!

Sexual deviant don't even begin to explain these two. I must say they are creative and gave me a few ideas ;)

I laughed a lot in this book, something that was barely a privilege throughout the other two novels. Caleb kept me cackling like crazy and Olivia had me grinning like a Cheshire Cat  with her antics.

Beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder because to get the story from both characters was a different window. It's like seeing a whole new story.
The snippets throughout the two previous installments was as usual, beautifully entwined and add so much more to the novel. I was surprised I could even remember them and knew them word for word.

I was glad for this little view of Caleb and Sophia in a different light. I am a little unsure if I wanna read the alternative ending provided on Ms. Roberts blog, but I can't help myself!
Still, I 'll always have the memory of Spain and what it was like for them. I couldn't have asked for a better Epilogue!!!

P.S. awesome covers throughout the entire series!!

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