Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lying With Temptation By S.M. Donaldson

My mind is panting after reading this book. I have once again found an author who writes in fast forward. I'm like slow down and take it from the top again. Everything is so rushed and therefore seems so unrealistic. It's like watching  a movie in fast forward mode.

The mother full on rants on the ex-girl and the father then literally just spin around and say she's going to bed. Then we are on to the end of the week and visit is over ... like ... ahmm ...zn o.O

There is so much emotions portrayed in this novel, from love, friendship, trust even death and rape and you don't get to savor it because it all happens so fast without much thought. This felt like the shell for a manuscript, waiting to be edited and for some one to proof read. Because with so much lacking, grammatical errors were definitely not welcome!

Linc is a pansy. But you still love him. The only time the boy showed some backbones was when he pummeled dude and I guess that was unbridled rage. Hell, I'd be mad too if I were in the situation!
He is uber understanding to the point where I wanna shout at him that this chick is a wench and he gets the right to at least be pissed.

Still, his interesting personality gave this story a spin that's not normally in these books, as the MCs didn't have your usual drama or break up. It seems as the problems came, they rallied around each other and became a unit. There was literally no heart ache, just really bad and uneven karma if you ask me.

On that note, I introduce you to Gabby. Very selfish girl if you ask me who keeps messing with the wrong dudes and blame it on liquor. Honestly, the chick could just be a masochist. She is such a glutton for punishment it's unbelievable! Still, I guess she had her ways. It was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She was shy and timid sober and a total sex fiend who would screw anyone when drunk .. get some morals Gabby!

The other characters played their parts well I guess, but reading a book in fast forward kind of clouds your judgment as to their capabilities and making a bond with anyone in this book. I also found the whole lot of 2 weeks later or 1 month later annoying, because the book is already jumping the gun so can we please slow it all down!!!

I like Anna and Russ together and so I am contemplating over looking this big blunder to read book 2 but I am on the fence. I loved their build up and really hope for a good story there.

Still, the story was written in too fast a mode, the dialogues were barely par and the language at times was rolling on the floor laughing ... "Hello my children" ... really?!?! No one talks like that Mrs. Donaldson!

All in all, I think the story had a good premise, it was just executed poorly and needed someone to see that this story needed to hold the brakes and put it in 1st gear because were all over the place and before you know it, people were dying and all sorts of things were breaking loose!! It seems everything was happening except for a relationship between the two MCs. Eventually they got there, and then the book basically ended.

It was also pretty clear that we were only going to get a brief overview of everything as most of the important things if any, were elaborated upon. I think it is by coincidence that we found out one characters major and that was Gabby. We aren't even gonna broach the subject of the football matches cause we got nada! Not even a huddle!

For a book written from two people's POV, it was very much lacking in substance and depth. A good amount of editing and thought was needed in this novel and sorry, but it showed that is was lacking and for that this book was a disappointment, as I loved the story line and the angle from which the love interest was taken. It was good not to have the usual heart breaks and separation.

Really wanted more from this one!

Btw ... didn't really get an explanation of the title until the literal end of this book and it in no way tied in with this novel. There was never any temptation, just reluctance.

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