Saturday, 8 June 2013

Weekends Required By Sydney Landon

Rolling my eyes really hard right now!!

Dear Lord who writes these books?!?! I was totally loving the premise of this one and then I began reading and it's as if I just knew it would be basic like the clothes Claire wears and were I ever right!!!

Now I can't pin point the moment these two made a discovery of anything. One minute we are all mulling over possibilities and the next Jason is muttering oaths and sex and kissing be happening. Cut us some slack here and put some thought and structure into these stories.

I find this to be your typical Mills and Boons romance and for that, I was not thrilled. There was no depth. There was no making your way up from a foundation. If every woman could literally let their hair down and that could make a man mad and next thing you know ya'll popping out babies, then by all means the world would be over populated!!

I got Claire as a character, honestly I do, and I believe with a little more work she could have been an amazing character! I also loved the foundation of her story in regards to her family background. I thought that even the death of her loved ones while being an every day occurrence, the POV it was directed from was a good one. It really strengthened that theme of control that this novel was portraying.

I have no clue what Jason's deal was. Once again, I got the basics. It's like we get the general idea of everything and then that's where it all ends. We were all up in Claire's family, but not even a meet and greet of Jason's family throughout this entire 400 page novel. Which I am starting to wonder if it was 400 pages, or  that's an error on Goodreads part. It wasn't that I was so captured, it's that I find it hard to believe that we went through 400 pages for a cliched and rushed ending that built on nothing at all and didn't even seem to span as much as even 6 months.

I found Suzy's character annoying and the narrator POV for this novel felt too impersonal and maybe that's what hindered me from connecting with these characters. I also believe that Jason's POV was almost unnecessary when you thought about it, because once again, not much was conveyed that couldn't have been told from Claire's POV or what was eventually told from her POV.

In all, I got to say it was a fair starting but I hated the ending and the flow and dialogues were sub-par. Some conversations were unnecessary and some situations in the end were so easily resolved after stifling the characters for years that it just all became unrealistic and disappointing.

Also, no one seemed to have notice that a year passed and she was still *spoiler alert* pregnant*spoiler alert* but then again, when you rushing and ending I guess all of that doesn't really matter does it?

Still, love a good premise, and this was one. The delivery was poor and I don't think I wanna try another one in this series, but hurricane season is coming up and I might just need a basic book so maybe I will cop another in the series. No promises though!

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