Friday, 7 June 2013

Entwined with You By Sylvia Day

I can honestly say that I love this series. I love the progression and the way that we are gently floated from one situation to another. It is done with finesse and precision but the downside is, that natural beauty that this story possess seems to have you wanting more and the time between the more is brutal and starting to wear on me.

I am thoroughly confused as to if I want more or if I would just like for Eva and Gideon to get a break and just have their HEA already!

I was terribly disappointed with the results of the Nathan situation from Reflected in you, as I believe that is a huge cloud that will forever hang over them and will change everything from here on out.

Jealousy, possession, love and all the emotions in the world can sometimes be unable to over power guilt and uncertainty. And those will forever be with this couple as this story takes some very dangerous twists and turns. I believe too many enemies are being made and Eva and Gideon are reckless in their undying, over powering love that they will slip and fall if they aren't careful.

The series once again carried a lovely set of characters and I love them all for the part that they all play so well. You are seeing changes in a way you are hardly ever afforded in a book and I appreciate that. Still, even with the changes and progresses being made, the original characters keep their tenacity and appeal that brought us to them in the first place.

Eva was still the right mix of everything and I love her fierceness and loyalty that she exude throughout the series. She has always found a way to be this confident and assertive character while still being insecure at all times. It's a delicate balance that she handles well and I love seeing her character go through the days and motions.

Gideon was back and better than ever! Gideon in love is the best of all the sides portrayed so far, and even though it is frighteningly intense, I love it anyways and hope to one day find a love like that. Frightening but sure.

Carey was also still around messing up as usual and Gideon's ex's seem to be festering like sores. All in all, it was a good one with even more issues and emotions to process. Even infidelity is being highlighted.

There were a few heart warming and emotional ringers in this one and the *spoiler alert* prenuptial scene *spoiler alert* was definitely one. I loved the terms and how it was unexpected and beautifully done. I couldn't have asked for a better scene to embark on that journey.

Still, there were too (emphasis on the too) many unfinished situations which left me with too much answers and no time frame as to when they will be answered. I can't even count on one hand all the things that are happening and not one was any closer to being solved at the end of this novel. Even a hint of something would have been good. At least say winter 2013 or something!!

First we waited four months in between book 1 and 2 then that was doubled with an 8 months wait for book 3 am I to find a pattern here and say 16 months will be the release time for book 4? I surely hope not. While I would like to see this beautiful story come to a close, before it is drawn out to ridiculousness, it seems the author has other plans  in mind and plan for a book 4 and 5. While I think it's thoughtless and wrong to ruin a beautiful story by milking it and trying to make a cash cow from it, if you decide to do it, then shorten the wait before fans loose interest and faith in the HEA we are all so desperately searching for.

Another beautifully written novel in the crossfire series and  I can only hope the next two will be as filling and maybe we can stop there before this series turns into a soap opera and make us all lose interest!

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