Sunday, 9 June 2013

Release Me By J. Kenner

Just did a fist pump for J. Kenner!!!

Awesome ass story!!!!

I don't know what is wrong with people and comparing everything to Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to you. I see the similarities, but it's not like those two series have the market on BDSM, crazy inappropriate sex and abuse. We read about this all the time, but sometimes an author makes their own journey for us to follow and J. Kenner did it with Release me!

Damien Stark is Damien Stark and no other. He is king of his and Nikki universe and we wouldn't have it any other way! Tennis star turn successful entrepreneur is a different and new angle even if he embraces most of the billionaire cliches.

Nikki is a stunning character. Because while she has her vices and problems, she embraces them, own them and use them to fight instead of hide. It took her a while to actually show off her flaws but this girl was never cowering in corners begging people to fight her battles or allowing them to. She was out there doing it and supporting her man through it all.

This was real and raw for me. No one was overly emotional and saying I love you's. Games were being played and we love to go on those journeys. It also helped that the sex scenes didn't span a whole chapter or four continuous pages. Also, the characters weren't tearing each other clothes off every chance the got.
They had some control around each other and I appreciate that. I never understood how someone's brain cells gets fried because a hot guy is breathing on their neck.

Adored Claire's friends, even if they were a little messed up. They grew on you. And imperfections are always appreciated if they give a good story.

I also liked Claire's form of demons as its not your usual musings. She was real, raw and fiery! She didn't hold her tongue and her confidence was through the roof. She hardly falter and when she did, she knew how to pick herself up and start again.

The continuous banter between Damien and Claire was lovely. It's what eventually got me enthralled in this book from the start. I began reading and laughing and before I know it, I have gone through 5 chapters in 5 minutes.

We got so much in the span of at least 3 weeks to a month than we get in some books that spans a year or more and that is commendable!

I am glad that the ending, while in the form of a cliffhanger, it didn't see them fighting or have us asking too many questions. It made us want to power on because they seem like a really strong unit and we have more to look forward to than babies and marriages.

If ever there was a series that reminds me of Iron Man, this was it. (Maybe it's the name). Still, this is a great story about pain, loss, loving yourself and different forms of control. It was good to finally highlight some of the dangers of BDSM as well as to see a female who had a different view to pain that opened up so many possibilities.

I say give this one a try, it will give you that release from drab REAL trilogies (shot at Bared to you) that you are looking for. Claire's attitude and Damien's presence will keep you entertained and begging for more.

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