Saturday, 29 June 2013

Conquer Your Love By J.C. Reed

Well this one was an improvement from the last. I guess comebacks are possible after all. While we did spend a considerable amount of time in the mind of Brooke, I was glad for the first chapter being from Jett's POV. Not sure why we couldn't carry on with a dual POV story, but it's neither here nor there.

This book seems to be confused as to if it's a romance or mystery/suspense but never one for staying in the box, I say ... who cares??!! It had just the right blend of romance and mystery so as to add another element without deducting from the main aim of love.

While Brooke is not any more interesting of a character, Jett has gained some personality and a new addition of Kenny spells possibilities. I see we are going into a thriller with an overwhelming amount of romance and I say hey ... give it a try!

I must say that even though the amount of time wetness pooled in Brooke's core, she has a way to excite me at the possibility of Jett touching her. Other than sexual situations, the mystery elements of the novel were also well written. I did feel eerie and anxious throughout and found myself skipping and back tracking lines. It's safe to say I preferred the suspense as oppose to the romance.

Once again, I have no clue as to where this book is heading but this time, I am intrigued. I figure it didn't all end in Italy, and I really just wanna solve this mystery ... it's the Nancy Drew in me :)

Brooke also seems a hell of a lot more fearless or braver than when we first encountered her in 'Surrender your love'. She is taking initiative and entering dangerous situation with little to no thought. The usual self obsessed always rambling in her mind was downgraded to a minimum and we finally had more conversations that actually had meaning and depth.

There was banter, sarcasm, wit and a few surprises that even though they were serious, they made me laugh. There was a lot more elements to this installment that was lacking before and while the mystery is naturally intriguing, I still feel like too much is missing. We went through and entire novel and all we really gained was a personality for Jett, some suspicious documents and an unexpected pregnancy between Sylvie and Brooke .. I'll let you figure out which one. (Funny scene though ...)

I really wish we could have enjoyed more of the Italian lifestyle, as I believe it would have added to the novel. But only the basics were conveyed and not much thought was placed into scenery. Once again, we stuck to the basics.

Jett seemed more human and approachable in this novel and not so much a conniving twit. I was glad to see growth within all the characters and a sense of evolution with regards to the story line.

Still, this story only had bits that have you chomping. It still lacked that element to latch on to you and drag you into the story. We mostly only got those from scary or intense scenes. The love scenes are kind of standard. This story is comfortable within it self, with a little danger lurking.

However, I am glad that we got a good ending this time that didn't leave too much angst or a void to fill. You know there is more coming, and you wanna solve the mystery, but due to the monotone of this novel, I am sated enough to wait for the release of book 3 to see what is going on in this series and hope that these two love isn't compromised in the process. Because regardless of their start or the troubles a head, there is no denying that they are better together. Honestly, I feel their connection if nothing else in this novel.

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