Friday, 7 June 2013

Beautiful Broken Rules By Kimberly Lauren

I been wanting to read this story for a while but I kept on getting side tracked, until early this morning I just got it on my kindle and here I am, finished, confused, annoyed and satisfied if that even makes any sense.

So the synopsis got a few things right, but this story was way off what I expected. I expected  a lot more sex and a lot more mistakes, maybe a few mind blowing scenes or something! But the biggest and probably only mistake I saw was when Jax loved and wanted Em and instead of having a relationship, they spent so much time fielding each other. I would have prefer a different climax as the premise for this one made no sense. It's like being hungry, staring at a lasagna and refusing to eat from it because it looks too good! (I don't even know if that makes sense)

I must say those scenes were annoying for me and had me wondering why unnecessary drama is been created when the fix is a simple I want you back!

Anyways, loved the characters and the chill vibe they created. All of them were great and I loved that even with the possibility of so much going wrong, there wasn't much angst or drama. It was a chill story with a great group of main and supporting characters.

I loved Emerson and Em!!!! She is a great character. I love how she has that rouge-ish vibe about her and I love her narrative. She was rough but smooth at the same time and this girl possessed none of the traits of your usual female narrator. I won't lie, she could be a perfect girl for any guy! I love her confidence and how even when she was broken, she was still the Em we all came to love.

The girl might have had a reputation, but it was only mentioned in passing  and conversations. It's like the story began they day she unconsciously became a reformed slut. Still, I love her in every way. I love how lost to logic she was when her birthday came around and she tried to express her feelings to Jax. I was also surprised as to his response and delivery and very much shocked at her melt down and decisions made following the confrontation. I never pegged her as that kind and we almost lost the Em we love there!

Speaking of which, I loved Jaxon. He was a great and complicated character and I was glad to finally get into his head when the epilogue came around. I believe there was so much more to him and I only wish that we could go deeper into who he is, but seeing as how the book was narrated by Emerson, we got just the right tone for an Emerson narrated novel. A Jaxon POV wouldn't be bad. A little novella maybe *wink*

Loved Jace and would love to see him with a novel of his own. I loved how he and Emerson met and the role he played throughout the novel. Must say he is one of my favorite character, right behind Em and maybe Jaxon :)

Nice chill story about trust, loss and understanding. It might not be deep, provocative or heart wrenching, but it definitely held it's own in it's league and I loved the angle the story was conducted from and that the female protagonist stayed true to herself. It could have used a little bit more depth or wow factors, but it definitely isn't a bad one either!

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