Saturday, 22 June 2013

Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign By Latrivia S. Nelson

And the twists, deceit, lust, love and everything in between keeps on rolling!!! I swear this series is my crack!! And even though the grammatical errors keep rolling and some scenes are juvenile and lack structure, I am still a fan of this series and can't wait to dive into book 4!

As expected, it all worked out in the end for the Medlov men, and I am glad that Dmitry and Anatoly's creativeness simmered the drama in the end. Couldn't have asked for a better ending, which is why I am confused as to the story line and stress of book 4.

We met Gabriel in this installment and boy am I glad we did. He brought another element to the plate and gave us a new avenue in the Medlov line. He was an easily loved character and even though a tiny note, I was glad we didn't have to relive Royal's nightmare every time someone new was introduced to the family.
Gabriel was up to speed and fitted in perfectly. He is one of the many reasons I am going to delve into book 4 even though I am so afraid for Anya.

Technically being Anatoly's book, we spent more time with him than the other Medlov men, and once again, I am glad that this book is written in a narrative as I wanna know it all! Everything that is happening and where. It was good to also have a follow up of all the characters travelling with us from book 1.

Anatoly's mind was just as I expected it to be and he came out of the story with the same thoughts and hopes that I had for him. It was like my own little Christmas present!! :)

Renee got her spotlight and as usual, for some unexplained reason,  I seem to never fully connect with the women in the Medlov men life ... maybe it's jealousy ;)

Still, I didn't hate her and even got a sense of her thoughts an actions and must say that I am comfortable with her character and believe that with these set of ladies behind the Medlov men, Gabriel included, they are and will be an unstoppable force!

We got to see the new Vor and how it has developed under the reign of Anatoly. I love his speeches and his way of dealing with business. He is more direct and doesn't hide behind anything when it's time for the truth ... basically, the man doesn't play games!

It was good to see the difference between Anatoly and his father. it helped to respect his position within the Vor and show his growth and potential. Some people were born to be bad ... Anatoly is one of them.

History was explained and a lot of things throughout the series was clarified and rectified. I feel like I am building with these characters and I am always entertained and wanting more.

So far, I am unable to pick my favorite of the series, but this one is very close. Then again, maybe it is my favorite ... so far at least.

If you can over look the unexplained Russian conversations, the many grammatical errors and constant violence, you can enjoy this one. Please bare in mind this is not a sex filled trying to be bad book. This is a bad book with bad characters who do as they please when they please. Still, you can't help but to go on their journey as it all seems so real and not at all forced.

P.S. A nod for the Jamaica mention!!

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