Friday, 14 June 2013

Safe Word By Teresa Mummert

This was a really good book. I at times thought I had judged it right from the beginning, and at times throughout, I doubted myself, but it turned out in the end I was right. Still, that didn't deduct from how well this book was written and the fact that it kept me craving each page and skipping to see if something bad is coming or when.

There was a scene in the diner when I had to literally get up and take a breather ... it was too much!!

This book reminded me of a cross between Sempre Forever and Crush by Lacey Weatherford. And all this time, I went into it thinking it was like the Bared to you or Stark series.
Please note that there is no BDSM regardless of the title and the use of a safe word in this novel!

The sex scenes weren't over the top kinky, but they were definitely passionate. Or at least they tried to be. It's kind of hard when people walk in on you ;)

The story was taken from Cole/Colton POV and as such we hardly wasted time with make up and wardrobe changes. We went to the meat of the matter at just the right pace. If anything that could have been portrayed better, was the reveal. It never really held much anticipation and it got very confusing. I had to stop read and sort it out in my head.

Still, I loved Cole/Colton's character, from his young days all the way to the guy he is in the present. He is just one of those characters who does bad well and you love to have around regardless of the storm (pun intended) that follows him around.

I didn't get a chance to make a connection with Lily/Rose because ... well idk how to feel about her yet. One minute we are hating her and the next we are seeing a loving side that we should get on board with. I totally understand how they could fall in love, and the trips down memory lane were big contributing factors. Still, I think I loved them together more as kids than grown ups. Maybe if we got more time to love her ... idk!

Speaking of memory lane, this book had quite a few trips and each were entwined wonderfully and at just the right time. I was a little worried about a love triangle developing near the end, but the author killed that ... literally!

There were secrets galore, but they were held until the author felt that it was time for a reveal and only a few were cliche as truths were skillfully revealed. Hence why I am a little apprehensive as to the final reveal. With the creativity within this novel, I guess I just expected more.

I had a myriad of emotions throughout this novel and I was loving the pace and series of events until the reveal occurred and then things just abruptly came to an end and we were thrown in an epilogue that had too much equations and things to go around so I am looking out for a book 2, because while not a cliffhanger per say ... there is definitely more.

I definitely recommend this one, it had love, drama, action and so much more. It was also beautifully written and no one was trying hard to play cops and robbers. It flowed lovely and we were never the wiser until the opportune minute.

Get yourself a copy, it's worth it!

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